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Publié par Reviewer1227532 le Dec 17, 2011

This product is a sweetener, but it has an additional flavour. Some people don't like that

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Formula Has Changed - Disappointed

Publié par Reviewer2970125 le Aug 16, 2013

I have ordered this product for years and was very pleased. Apparently, with the last batch the company has changed the formula and there is a significant difference in the taste. I now need to find a replacement product, because previously this formula was very sweet and did not have an after taste. With the new formula it is less sweet, meaning you need to use more of the product, the cost increased and there is an after taste now. I searched the internet and many customers have noticed the change.

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Publié par 5272652267968733479 le May 09, 2016

Very sweet but has a strange aftertaste.

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bad taste

Publié par Reviewer1186914 le Dec 23, 2007

This is my first time buying and trying Stevia. I bought this brand after reading many good reviews on it. I am disappointed. I don't think it tastes good at all and has an after taste. Has curbed my appetite though.

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powder is better

Publié par Reviewer1325419 le Aug 07, 2010

no bitter aftertaste, but difficult to measure and the powder tastes better

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Publié par Reviewer3132782 le Sep 01, 2011

Still unpleasant after taste. Just can't find a better tasting sweetener than sugar.

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