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caused bloating

Publié par Reviewer2442207 le Apr 30, 2009

i had severe bloating the entire 30 days i was on this. it did help solidify my stools, but the positive effects of it were lost on me. would not re-order.

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Publié par Reviewer2777666 le Nov 15, 2007

After three Boxes i have not experenced any noticible difference.

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works great if you take 10 capsules a day.

Publié par estranged le Sep 17, 2010

When I take 10 capsules a day, I feel great, my digestion improves and there is an overall sense of wellbeing. It even lowers my blood pressure. Of course I can't pay 43$ for only six days. If I take the recommended dose of 2 capsules a day, I feel nothing. May be it is still doing some benefit inside, but I feel nothing. Culturelle is the only product that fixes the loose stools problem.

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contains carrageenan

Publié par Reviewer1399542 le Jan 03, 2014

I used to buy this or the Professional Formula, but it contains carrageenan...Not good for the gut. Can cause "bloat belly" and other G.I. problems. Check out the website 'Cornucopia' or do other search to learn about this ingredient and the damage it causes.

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Okay for a couple of weeks, then nothing different

Publié par Reviewer3081436 le Feb 21, 2012

After I got past the initial bloating this caused the first week or so (I realize everyone is different), this seemed to help... for about two weeks. After that, I didn't see anything different with my gut. Wasn't worth the price for me. Based on all the rave reviews, I went from a Thorne probiotic to this one to see if there was a difference. Nope. I'm back to the Thorne. It always does the trick for me and my probiotic needs.

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Publié par beb534 le Feb 26, 2013

i went through about 6 months of these and saw no improvement. very disappointing as the reviews here sounded so good. i suspect if you already have decent health these are good to supplment for matinence and prevention, but if you have gut issues or comprimised health these are unlikely to improve the condition.

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Dr. Ohhiras Essnetial Formulas Probiotics 12 plus formula

Publié par Reviewer1618710 le Apr 02, 2008

didn't notice any difference in my symptoms after using the product for 10 days and following the instructions

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No differnce

Publié par Reviewer2730476 le Oct 16, 2007

Have not noticed any difference or benefit.

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Publié par Reviewer3305150 le Aug 02, 2010

Expensive product that is supposed to be a best seller. Did not help at all. Have had problems with regularity and this product did nothing to help.

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Publié par Reviewer2754236 le Feb 02, 2009

People with digestive problems will be surprised to see this product in a hard to digest gel-capsule. I learned to crunch it with my teeth to get the contents out before swallowing. At first, I was unaware of the loading concept but followed that protocol when I read here about that. I have used 3 boxes and can't tell a remarkable difference in my digestion. I doubt I will continue this product.

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