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Taste: ok, not great - May need to be refrigerated or finished quickly after opening

Publié par emanuela le Apr 26, 2014

First time I've purchased this: I don't care much about the taste. It is ok, mind you, and healthier than the alternatives, hence my purchase. PROBLEM: Some white ball-shaped items have formed on top (as if it were mould, not sure what it is) and I am unsure if I should bin the item.

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Not for me :(

Publié par 5745279053357017702 le Jan 03, 2015

Someone suggested this to me as a great alternative to soy sauce. But I honestly don't enjoy this product as much as soy sauce. It tastes quite different, like a watered down or very weak fish sauce. If you absolutely can't use soy sauce, then you might appreciate this product as an alternative.

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couldn't get used to it

Publié par 5143400201669976707 le Feb 27, 2015

stopped using this after a few tries. could have been psychological, but i don't think so, because when i tried it, it really did taste of coconut blended with soy sauce as an asian person, i didn't really like it…but you'll probably be fine eating it if you haven't grown up with soy sauce at every meal

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Not for me

Publié par 94Tina le May 07, 2015

Didn't really like the taste

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Coconut Aminos

Publié par 4819144867862889379 le Nov 20, 2015

This was a first for me to try. The flavor will take a little getting used to. I have been using Bragg's but wanted to try this for it's health benefits. I'm not sure if I will reorder.

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has not arrived

Publié par 4637872142888225408 le Dec 30, 2013

I have not received the produt or any indication of the delivery process

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