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Publié par Reviewer2606780 le Jun 12, 2008

I ordered 4 boxes of of this product to share with friends as we were all ready to try the "Bicarbonate Protocol" for establishing a normal body pH and to actually target any growths in the body due to candida (Yeast) or parasites. We don't know the results yet, but, we are all healthy women in our 50's and want to stay that way! It is so good to know we can get an Aluminum Free Baking soda from such a great company at such a reasonable price! Many Thanks, J.C.

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Carol Mccarrick

Publié par Reviewer3004989 le Jan 30, 2009

We want to order3 more lbs. We use it in our cancer treatment for curtailing breast cancer.

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Publié par Reviewer3288000 le Nov 21, 2008

Excellent for neutralizing acid reflux and gently "polishing" your face. Good product, good price.

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Alum. Free Soda

Publié par Reviewer1937649 le Mar 16, 2008

We add this to our Home water supply to RAISE THE ph AND GREAT IN BAKED PRODUCTS AND IN the wash.

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Aluminum Free

Publié par Reviewer2847771 le Mar 13, 2008

The fact that this baking soda was aluminum free caught my eye and I knew I had to buy it. I use it for everything from cleaning around the house, brushing my teeth, and using as a deodorant. Works well for all the uses I use it for.

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Keeps me healthy

Publié par Reviewer1502565 le Mar 11, 2011

The Aluminum Free Baking Soda is a great product! A half teaspoon, 1 to 4 times a day in a glass of water or with fresh apple juice makes your body alkaline. If you have health issues up to 2 teaspoons/day is recommended. Can´t be without it!! M *

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Wow,what a difference in taste compared to your regular grocery store baking soda,unbelievable! are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

Publié par PracticalReviews le Oct 19, 2013

baking soda has a variety of uses for me,i use it as a base for a tooth powder i make,i also use it for occasional heartburns and also to soften beans and chickpeas /garbanzo. i was sure baking soda couldn't be tasty but i guess it always been the Aluminum that gave the unpleasent taste because this one is Aluminum free and tastes much much better thatn what i knew till now. i'm not the baking kind of guy but i'm sure anyone who cooks and bakes would know to appreciate this product superiority in taste AND in are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

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1/4 teaspoon of alumni free baking soda, three times a day and the reflux was gone.

Publié par Reviewer2059271 le May 02, 2008

I was diagnosed as having Reflux. I had a burning pain in the pit of my chest, My doctor prescribed a pill for it. I had a lung transplant in 2004 and take a lot of medication. I believed if I could eliminate one of the pill and take something natural for the reflux, it will be better for me. Taking the soda has helped me,now the pain is going away.

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Aluminum free baking soad

Publié par Reviewer3163307 le Nov 19, 2008

I live in Scotland and use Baking Powder as a natural deodorant. This baking soda is great as it doesn't contain aluminium which thought to cause health risks such as cancer.

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REAL baking soda

Publié par Reviewer2456696 le Dec 10, 2008

Who would have known that REAL baking soda comes from the it, cheap as and so pure you can taste it

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