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Great stuff!

Publié par Reviewer2894352 le Mar 29, 2008

My boys are wheat and gluten intolerant. This is the perfect flour for them. We make muffins from this and they have no reaction what so ever. Highly recommend.

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Loved it!

Publié par Reviewer2505410 le Sep 10, 2009

Loved this flour- very healthy & high in fiber. Only a very slight aftertaste of coconut in the blueberry muffins I made. Can't tell at all in chocolate baked goods. The only trick is, this flour absorbs tons of liquid so must add more & also must use lots of eggs to compensate for no gluten. I will definitely use this instead of white or wheat flour for all my healthy treats!

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First time trying coconut flour

Publié par Reviewer1117301 le May 01, 2009

I have not tried any other brands of coconut flour so I'm not sure how it compares to others. The flour is very fine and baked up into a very delicate crumb. If you don't use a strong flavoring such as chocolate, you can really taste the "coconuttiness" of the flour coming through. I made coconut flour brownies that were delicious but ended up more with a cake texture than a brownie texture. I'm still experiencing with other recipes at this time.

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Super Product

Publié par Reviewer2128490 le Jan 14, 2009

Best thing I've found to add moisture and flavor simultaneously to otherwise cardboard like gluten free baked goods. Its way spendy though. Substitute 1/3 whatever flour mix you are using with this and you will have a nice moist dessert.

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Coconut Flour

Publié par Reviewer1620176 le Mar 03, 2008

This is my first time to use it, and I have gone through half the package. I am diabetic and don't do much baking. I am a pie and pudding man, but am paranoid about sugar and carbs. I use powdered dark cocao which makes a rather bitter pudding. I have been adding this flour and it gives not only a nutritional element, but a slightly sweet taste to my pudding. Now new problem---portion size and moderation. Can't eat just one, as the commercial goes.

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Cocnut flour

Publié par holahola le May 19, 2010

Have note tried it in baking yet, but the smell and taste of the flour is great! Smells good coconut and has a pleasant taste. Used it in my vegetable burgers with good result, great!

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Camille Miller

Publié par Reviewer1760591 le Apr 15, 2008

The coconut flour cookbook got me started on this gluten free alternative. It does need sifting, but it is delicious and the coconut taste diminishes when it bakes.

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Great stuff!

Publié par Reviewer1079334 le Nov 26, 2009

Excellent way to add low glycemic ingredients to your baking. We use the flour for pancakes and waffles and find the taste is excellent.

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Good produkt at a good price

Publié par kjernesunn-nordkvinne le Apr 13, 2011

Will buy again

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Great product

Publié par nattfisk le Jul 13, 2012

This flour is naturally sweet, and so good to put in granola bars or to thicken your oatmeal with. I have also used it when baking waffles, pancakes or bread, but there is something with this coconut flour, I don't know what, but the douch or batter doesn't stick together properly.

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