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Helps Rebuild Joints/Cartilage

Publié par Reviewer3064760 le Oct 19, 2007

I've been using this now for over 10 years. Has strengthed all my joints, my back, even cartilage of ears/nose. Keep in stock please!!!

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Publié par Reviewer1592387 le Sep 10, 2009

I cannot say enough about this product... I have been using it for over six months now, and the difference in my hair, skin and nails hase been awesome, I just reordered a 12 month supply as I doubt I will ever stop taking it now. The results have been amazing.

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worked for me

Publié par Reviewer2664178 le Apr 25, 2010

I was having terrible ankle pain with walking, told it was degenerative and nothing could really be done except wait until it was "really" bad and have ankle replacement. No way! I started taking Twinlab and Jarrow Type II Collagen (didn't know which was better) 1 pill each twice a day, and within a couple of weeks it started improving. 4 months later I have hardly any pain, even when I go dancing.

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Great Relief from Stiffness

Publié par Reviewer3107735 le Jan 09, 2012

In August 2011, I had an accident where I was thrown from a ladder by a tree branch that broke off before expected. I flew backwards about 25 feet and ended up with three vertebra fractures. I was fortunate NOT to have to have surgery, but did have a back brace for a few weeks. About 5 weeks after the injuries had occurred, I returned to my construction job but was very stiff all the time. This went on until December 2011. Then I heard about Collagen from Twin Lab. Within a week of starting to use it, my stiffness went away about 80%. It's now early January 2012 and my back stiffness is a thing of the past. I'm not sure how long I'll need it, but I can say for now I have my life back completely. I'm really impressed since I had tried other herbal remedies and nothing else was close to doing what the Collagen Type II has done.

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cartilage re growth

Publié par Reviewer1367938 le Apr 19, 2011

I have used this product before and by exrays have proven that the cartilage in my joints has regorown

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knees are happy

Publié par Reviewer3051410 le Feb 07, 2010

can't live without this.

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Collagen Type11

Publié par Reviewer2994384 le Sep 27, 2010

On advice of a health professional I ordered a 3 month supply of Collagen Type 11 and have now been taking 6 a day for just over 3 weeks with the aim of rebuilding damaged and worn knee cartilage. After only 3 weeks I am in much less pain and have been able to walk further without pain than for a long time. I have replacement knee surgery booked for the 9th of November having already had one knee replaced 10 years ago. I am hoping that using Collagen Type 11 will stall this surgery and even maybe for good.Wish I had been aware of this much earlier in life.

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Great Product

Publié par Reviewer3262277 le Oct 29, 2010

Have used other products but have had the best results by far with MaxiLife Collagen Type 11. Wont be changing. Kim

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Problems with the right knee

Publié par Reviewer3001819 le Oct 30, 2010

Some years ago I had an horse kick me on my right shin with a resuting surgery for a blood clot. Since then my right knee has been a bit stiff. Over the last year I found that the muscles in my thigh and calf were extremely painfull and I had no strenght in my right knee. Over the last 3 months I found that walking more than 100 yards was too painful to continue and standing on my right leg for a short time was very painful when I took the load off the knee. I started on Collagen two weeks ago, the pain disappeared in a couple of days. I can now walk down to the gym and start exercising again, my knee is still stiff but I have more strength to stand from a sitting position. I can now stride out but I think running is out of the question.

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Knee surgery

Publié par Reviewer1912431 le Sep 01, 2010

The results are profound. Joint pain in remission, Thanks. Lee

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