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Good Caramel Taste

Publié par Reviewer2521015 le Sep 20, 2011

This sugar tastes good. It has a good caramel flavor which I use it in my coffee.

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If you're looking for a coconut sugar, I suggest trying this one

Publié par 5624100677901748259 le Feb 11, 2015

I've been adding this coconut sugar to my tea instead of the regular one for almost a year now. I love how it doesn't make my tea too sweet (in fact, it doesn't make it sweet at all - it just reduces the bitterness) & it doesn't make the flavor unnatural (like Stevia does, in my opinion). Keep in mind that it makes tea appear darker and a bit cloudy. For me one package lasts for around 2.5 months - I drink tea 2-3 times a day and add one teaspoon (5 g) of this sugar every time. I find this sugar to be better quality than the Navitas one and I will definitely repurchase. 4 out of 5 because I wish it didn't change the color and the transparency of my tea. // Пользуюсь этим кокосовым сахаром уже практически год. Мне очень нравится, что он не делает чай ни слишком сладким (он в отличие от сахарного песка скорее просто убирает горечь), ни "синтетическим" (как это, на мой взгляд, делает стивия). Имейте в виду, что этот сахар делает чай более тёмным и несколько мутным. Одного пакета мне хватает месяца на 2.5 - я пью чай 2-3 раза в день, каждый раз добавляя 1 ч.л. (5 г). Этот сахар мне понравился больше, чем аналогичный марки Navitas - определённо буду заказывать его в будущем. Поставила 4 звезды из 5 просто потому, что, конечно, хотелось бы, чтобы не менялись цвет и прозрачность чая.

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Publié par 4856072854020683712 le Jan 18, 2016

It maintains my water kefir very health! Great!

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realy nice

Publié par Reviewer1102544 le Nov 06, 2012

I have tried to giveup cane sugar in my home cooking and this is a fantastic substitute,

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Palm Sugar

Publié par Reviewer2411072 le Nov 28, 2012

Interesting. Glad it's organic - gives a nice option for baking. Nice flavor, but doesn't dissolve real well in coffee or tea. Still, I like it.

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Good product

Publié par Reviewer2725677 le Dec 07, 2011


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Great Taste

Publié par Reviewer2882555 le Dec 27, 2011

Am delighted to order fm Coconut Palm sugar is great sugar to relish. Thanks buddys....keep it up.

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Publié par tinatherese le Apr 20, 2013

but I have started to buy rapadura whole can sugar by rapunzel on i herb instead of coconut sugar as it is high in fructose and fructose is the worst sugar.

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Sweet Tree, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Publié par Reviewer2221328 le Mar 25, 2012

I Love it! It tastes great!

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great taste

Publié par Reviewer2214723 le Mar 31, 2012

I liked a lot this sugar substitute. I used it for my tea and coffee, and I also couldn't resist easting it directly from the bag. I smells and tastes great, simmilar to caramel. It changes a bit the taste of my drinks. I like how my coffee tastes when sweetened with this, but I certainly preffer my tea with honey.

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