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Great alternative to peanut butter!

Publié par TrueReviews le Nov 15, 2013

Great alternative to peanut butter! I absolutely love this product, it contains organic sunflower seed and nothing else. Tastes like peanut butter and is even healthier, packed with Vitamin E. Click on my username for more reviews! If you thought that this review was helpful please feel free to press the 'yes' button.

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Very good source of magnesium

Publié par Reviewer2954358 le May 24, 2011

Tastes great and one serving provides lots of minerals including magnesium. Because of these excellent nutrition qualities, I think I will be switching to this butter from an old staple - peanut butter.

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Great product!

Publié par Reviewer1369954 le Jul 16, 2013

My son absolutely loves this spread, will eat tons of it by the spoon if I let him. Tastes a whole lot like peanut butter.

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Perfect sunflower seed butter

Publié par Reviewer2219064 le Sep 02, 2013

Organic + no salt or sugar = perfect sunflower seed butter! Very healthy, vegan, safe for those with nut allergies, and tastes GREAT. Spread on celery then sprinkle raisins on top, or spread on gluten free wraps with preserves sweetened only with fruit juice (such as St Dalfours)for a perfect "pb & j", the possibilities are endless!

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Heaven in a jar for peanut allergy sufferers.

Publié par Reviewer1271518 le Dec 30, 2010

I'm allergic to gluten, refined sugar, peanuts, and a myriad of other things, so when I found sunbutter's sugar free organic sunbutter, I nearly jumped for joy. It has turned out to be my all time favorite food. I hope they never stop making it, or else breakfast is going to be awfully boring again!

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Publié par Reviewer1207034 le Apr 16, 2012

I can't buy organic in the area. I combine this w/ organic Almond butter and jam. Healthier than pb and my kids love it!

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Just delicious

Publié par 5290389290612397617 le Dec 04, 2013

Love this organic spread on toast, in cookies and smoothies, and on top of oatmeal and smoothie bowls.

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Peanut butter killer!

Publié par Rosiee le Sep 18, 2012

I don't have a severe peanut allergy, but when I eat peanuts/peanut butter , it is usual for me to develop a rash somewhere on my body. Peanuts are not so easy on the liver, and generally are some of the least healthy "nuts" (they are from the "Beans" family). Of course this review shouldn't be focused on peanut butter, but I use it to make my point. Yes, peanut butter is tasty, and there is nothing wrong with eating is as long as you don't have a peanut allergy, BUT I find Sunflower butter and Tahini (Sesame "butter") to be EXCELLENT, much more nutritious and healthy alternatives to it. This one is great - no salt or any unnecessary additives, I'm free to recognize the natural flavor. I personally find it delicious. As ingredient to my homemade protein bars or just straight out of the container, it makes for a great snack.

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I love this product!!!

Publié par Danil35 le Sep 05, 2013

Such a nice creamy texture. Easy to spread and use in receipes. Great taste too!!!

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Tasty butter

Publié par 5245572736140825319 le Sep 25, 2013

Love sunflower seed butter, has it's own taste and is sweet without any sugar.

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