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Works well, but . . . . .

Publié par Reviewer2072957 le Feb 26, 2008

Would've rated it higher because in the pain-cessation category it works really well. However, I get stabbing digestive pains from it and nausea. I am trying a reduced dose and so far, not more than a twinge once in a while. Love the packaging.

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A Natural Antidepressant

Publié par Reviewer1561464 le Jan 26, 2007

This product works! And it works the same day--no need to wait weeks for the blood levels to increase. It is the best mood balancer out there. And now the vet has given it to my dogs to heal their liver problems.

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Wow, that was fast

Publié par Reviewer2745898 le Apr 02, 2008

I tried St. John's Wort for about five weeks to no avail. I've had no stomach upset or anxiety or any other negative side effects. What I can tell you this this stuff works fast to alleviate depression. Five days ago I was ready to call my doctor to ask for an rx. Today, I am impatiently awaiting my shipment of Source Naturals SAMe and disappointed that I have to pay retail in order to keep up my daily dosing. (Sorry Whole Foods--I love your store, but you are way overcharging for supplements.) I am also very much looking forward to getting my dose up to the 1600 mgs for depression. I envision feeling normal again! I trust the Source Naturals brand, and I love iherb for its value and good customer service. Fantastic stuff.

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sam-e unbeliveable

Publié par Reviewer2417295 le Nov 03, 2008

i having just recently tryed sam-e and the effects were brillant for me,my anxiety and mild depression have dissapeared,i am in exellent form,i would highly recommend this product.ken [dublin ireland]

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Works well; only 1 prob

Publié par Reviewer1014818 le Jan 08, 2008

I have had a good experience from Source Naturals SAMe overall. I use for anxiety, and I can really tell when I miss a dose. I also read that after you've taken it for a while, it can build up in your system so that you don't have to take as high of a dose. (and they recommend taking vitamin b complex with; helps you to absorb and prevent homocysteine levels from getting too high) And I've noticed better results from the Source Naturals brand than whatever brand I picked up at my local WM when I first decided to try SAMe. The only problem I've had was in one package I guess there was a hole in a few of the blister packs (I didn't see any hole though) because about three or four of the pills were all melted looking when I opened their blister compartment. I've bought at least 4 or 5 packages and this only happened in one.

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effective mood brightener

Publié par Reviewer2539087 le Oct 13, 2007

i find improvement in mood after just a few days, usually at about 800mg daily dosage.

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SAMe 200mg

Publié par Reviewer2609620 le Nov 26, 2008

Good price, these seem equally effective (or better!) than much more expensive SAMe I have purchased. Hermetic packaging is great.

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Source Naturals, SAMe, 200 mg

Publié par Reviewer2917759 le Apr 08, 2008

I've only been using it for a short time and need to use it a bit longer to fully determine its effectiveness. 400 mg. has helped a bit with the sleep problems I've been having but you have to take it on an empty stomach and that isn't always easy because of when I eat dinner (and taking it earlier in the days makes me drowsy).

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Publié par BelieveJesus4EternalLife le Dec 17, 2007

Save money and get this one. This seems to work better than the other popular brand even though it's lower dosage. My jaw hindge joint pain is gone. Amazing. And I think this helps with negative emotions.

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Great product

Publié par Reviewer3103396 le Jan 03, 2008

I've bought SAMe from iHerb for several years and I love the product and the service I receive. Thanks very much.

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