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THE BEST quality multivitamin for kids!

Publié par IHerbJane le oct. 04, 2014

Happy kids and happy mom! I wanted to give my children he best suppliment possible. So I read the ingredients listing of almost every kids multi on iherb. This one is superior for many reasons. Not only does it contain optimal amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals, but it contains those vitamins and minerals in their optimal form for best absorption. Other brand kids multis use the cheapest form available for each vitamin and mineral, which is not so well absorbed, and unnecessarily burdens the kidneys. Many children are deficient in magnesium and B vitamins, which are so important for cognitive functioning. The magnesium in Mega Kid is in chelate form, not the cheap mag oxide that other brands use. Vitamin B12 is as methylcobalamin, the superior form of B12. I could go on comparing each nutrient but there are too many. In addition, the list of super foods included is impressive. These are whole foods which not only enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals, but have special health benefits of their own which are too many to list. Finally, PRICE. Most popular brands require two or more tablets per daily dose. This one has it in one single tablet, thus it is more cost effective per dose.

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They don't like these

Publié par Reviewer2157918 le nov. 21, 2008

Too large and sour for my 2 sons. They will not eat them.

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Good stuff!

Publié par Reviewer3160268 le juil. 08, 2009

This is one of the most comprehensive children's vitamins I've found. It even has vitamin K! The amounts are similar to EmergenC Kids multi, which we were using previously. My daughter likes the taste of this wafer better than the emergenC drink (she didn't like that at all).

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tastes great

Publié par Reviewer2656291 le août 31, 2008

Kids ask for it.

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Mega product!

Publié par Reviewer1619951 le sept. 13, 2010

This includes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and more, and my kids loves it! We only have to take omegas with this!

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Taste can be better

Publié par Reviewer2958573 le mars 17, 2009

My kids didn't like the taste. I guess if your child likes the Flintstone vitamins they may like this. Unfortunately, my kids don't.

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Publié par Reviewer1393978 le févr. 20, 2012

Cheap and good product

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가격대비 괜찮아요

Publié par 5699896515761412882 le juil. 26, 2012

가격도 싸고 영양 비율도 좋다해서 샀는데 맛도 괜찮네요 아이가 자꾸 달라해서 곤란할 정도.. 영양제 색깔이 연보라색이라 포도비타민이라니까 자꾸 달라하네요

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Grandchildren like these

Publié par DeanaS le août 25, 2012

I am pleased that my grandchildren like these. They have everything in them that I want to be sure the kids get every day.

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Kids enjoy it!

Publié par Reviewer3036917 le mars 12, 2010

The kids like this one, very rich in the true berry flavor!

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