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better than i ever felt not forever though.

Publié par Reviewer1988592 le Aug 03, 2012

never ever felt this way super energized this is a good product to take instead of just the 500mg yohimbe by itself which may give too much energy or not tackle all areas. also helps lose weight. never felt this way before super energized. it does other things not mentioned as well blood circulation in the brain better think more clearer. however not to take forever yohimbe has side effects such as sensitive skin which causes skin rashes or spots discontinue use if that happens and start again or take the minimum dose that doesn't cause sensitive skin which I think would be half the recommended dose.

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There are much better products out there.

Publié par Supplementsdiy le Nov 17, 2013

This is quite a comprehensive blend of herbs. This is best if you want an all-in one product. Since the decline of libido can be caused by other different factors, taking the right herb can be difficult. This product helps to cover most (if not all) pos sibilities to ensure that you get your libido back. Personally, it works really work and actually makes me hard all the way. Yoihimbe is a very strong stimulant. However, it tends to increase blood pres sure, increase heartbeat rates, can make me light headed (at higher dosages) and increased body temperature (your partner will probably notice too). This is not for the most with heart problems. It is important not to take it near sleeping time as well as you will not be able to sleep. I would strongly recommend that you start with only 1 tablet to test your reaction to yoihime before trying higher dosage. For me, I would stick to 2. Any more, the side effects get uncomfortable. Taking it at low dosages might help to build the tolerance to yoihime’s side effects. However, this will also means that you will need more prior to action in order to achieve similar results. It would be nice if the formula comes without the synthetic vitamins and minerals which is not well absorbed and can be toxic if overdosed. The tablets are probably vegan (unsure myself), large (horse size pill) and can be difficult for some people to swallow. It smells bad too. The tablets also contain sorbitol which is linked to some bowel and other problems. It definitely works imo but I prefer not taking the extra ingredients as mentioned above. Check out my page for more reviews!

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Source Naturals, Male Response, 90 Tablets

Publié par Reviewer2813514 le Sep 17, 2008

helps me stay a ready and fit male; I am 60 and my doctor is amazed how good my blood work is and my prostrate is normal.

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very good stuff

Publié par Reviewer1092059 le Jun 26, 2008

Very good over all energy enhancement plus male responce. be careful on quanity taken, 2-3 works well for me taken one at a time with meal. Age 56. Thanks Joe G.

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I can't take it anymore

Publié par Reviewer1777577 le Apr 25, 2008

Well... my body's response to Male Response's effect is very bad nauseous and upset stomach. First I tried 2 tablets with full dinner meal but after an hour I started feel nauseous and my stomach gets very uncomfortable. The effects lasted almost 2 days. I thought my cannot handle too many at a time, so I tried 1 tablet with full meal, but then same result, just not as bad as first time. I am also taking higher mind and mental edge, they works very well for me, but this Male Response, I just can't handle it anymore. Because I got so sick from this product, my body can't feel any different at all except upset stomach and nauseous.

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Publié par AkramBashir le Jul 31, 2015

the best :D

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Strong and Effective

Publié par Reviewer1589393 le Jun 15, 2015

Im a 30 year old male (~145lbs) and found that even one pill of this is effective.... almost too effective. It can be quite intense. Sometimes my heart races and I feel edgy, but my libido is through the roof! It makes me more sensitive, bigger and able to restart sooner. Now I typically use only half a a pill when needed because it really works. My friends agree!

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Dava para ser melhor!

Publié par 5483186271661421948 le Apr 18, 2016

Não batendo a descarga de ansiedade e suor nas mãos ...funciona de forma Boa! Mas qdo vem com ansiedade e suor....a bengala não fica tinindo!!! E não sei se Por causa dá yoimbina mas aumenta a sensibilidade da glande! E ai a transa não são beleza!! Testar outras marcas e podendo voltar aqui venho fazer comparativo!

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Publié par Reviewer2578418 le Apr 11, 2010

The product is ok!

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Me pone muy nervioso e irritable, exceso de sudoración y calor.

Publié par Reviewer3104761 le Oct 07, 2013

Compré dos botes de este producto y lamentablemente voy a tener que tirarlos o probar a tomar sólo media tableta al día y ello porque aún tomando sólo una tableta al día me provoca mucho nerviosismo a la hora más o menos de haberlo tomado, así como mucha sudoración y aumento de la temperatura corporal, es una sensación muy desagradable. Estos efectos deben ser debidos casí en exclusiva al Yohimbe que contiene pues he leído que suele producir estos efectos en algunas personas, quizás a otras personas no les ocurra.

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