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Publié par Reviewer1152715 le Apr 24, 2013

The wrinkles/rings around my throat are going away! This is very good, you only need a small amount as it goes a long way. I only use at night time. I will be buying again.

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Publié par Reviewer1316526 le Jan 21, 2010

Definitely firms and plumps the delicate skin around the eyes and great for the neck...i even take a little of the leftover cream on my fingers and apply it around and on the actually will make the lips look and feel more plump! 3 products in one....a real value.

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Not for daytime! Beware!

Publié par Reviewer1758888 le Mar 18, 2010

OK, I didn't read the blurb by Reviva about using it only nightly. And they say that for good reason: this stuff is greasy, greasy, greasy! However, in the daytime, my hands are starting to look somewhat creepy, and it works wonders under my sunscreen. I just wish I could use it in the day under makeup, but if I did I think my eyes would slip out of their sockets it's so greasy. However, it seems to work well overall...just have to remember not to use it in the day...haha!

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Economical eye cream

Publié par Reviewer3207935 le Aug 26, 2012

Excellent price! This is very thick, so I use little bits at a time. I used a bit too much one night and it made my eyes water for a few minutes. As someone else said, don't use this during the day under your eyes, it's way too thick & greasy! I have used it on the rest of my face occasionally at night, but not too often, since it is so rich I think it might cause a breakout on my combination skin if used frequently. Wish it were in a pump instead of a jar.

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Publié par Reviewer3247779 le Sep 19, 2012

THEEEEE most beautiful eye cream on the universe. Yes, it's rich and some may describe as greasy, but this product is TOP shelf...!!! I use it for the eye, throat and lip area. Beautiful. Highly recommended.

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Mom loves it

Publié par 5732345650441480858 le Jul 22, 2013

I got it for my mom and she absolutely loves it. I think she's on her 10th one now because she asks me to keep it coming :) And she's tried lots and lots of creams and serums, from this site and stores but chose this one. It's much cheaper than most too.

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Publié par Reviewer2637625 le Oct 28, 2009

Happy to an eye cream that's in a large size. So, I'm happy with the results. This stuff is like concrete! =)

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Rich product in oil, good for eyes

Publié par Reviewer1717623 le Dec 02, 2009

good and Stimulates! Rich Oils and Plant Extracts in this cream

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Reviva Lab, Throat and Eye Cream

Publié par Reviewer2461770 le Apr 29, 2014

I am ordering my third jar of this lovely rich cream. I love using it for my neck to moisturize and keep wrinkles away as much as possible. I have tried using other good face creams on my neck, but they didn't seem to suit my neck area as the skin actually became sore, so I returned to this cream as it works really well for me.

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The best eye cream for winter

Publié par 4907266672761148186 le Feb 22, 2016

I am in love with this cream I used it November-March and it is still not gone fully! Super hydrating, smoothing, rich cream. I use it only for a night routine, as it might be too heavy for makeup on top. I will buy it next winter again! Love!!!

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