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Publié par Reviewer3177250 le oct. 01, 2009

I read sme people complaining about it not being "sweet" enough for their children. Well, this is a supplement, not candy. My daughter takes it with no complaints, and she's only 17 months old. Not everything that's good for you tastes good. As long as my daughter is getting the vitamins and minerals she needs, that's all that matters. So along with a healthy diet, and daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, this is a great addition.

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Our first choice

Publié par Reviewer1239656 le avr. 01, 2009

A friend recommended this vitamin to us. I was looking for a kids vitamin that did not contain aspartame. Yes surprisingly a lot of them do. It also had to be chewable. I was happy with the long list of vitamins and green veggies that it contained. From time to time I research other vitamins and haven't found an equivalent. I am very happy with them for now.

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4-year-old likes them

Publié par Reviewer2874662 le oct. 30, 2008

My 4-year-old really likes these stars, although I've seen other reviews which said some kids don't. I like that they have more nutrients in them (including iron) than some of the other natural multivitamins and I feel pretty good that my son is taking them because he is such a picky eater.

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Publié par poleonella le mai 25, 2013

the best for children

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Publié par Elenka le mai 28, 2013

the best for kids

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My son Likes Them

Publié par Reviewer3354677 le janv. 09, 2008

I ordered these vitimins because I was looking for a good quality chewable, I didn't realize they would be so big! My 16mo old likes them (he's never had any problems taking any kind of medicine) but I have to break them in half and give him two pieces at a time. Which is not a big deal, I was using the poly sol drops and that was terrible! I feel these are a better vitamin all around!

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very complete vitamins

Publié par Reviewer1859770 le sept. 15, 2009

my 3 year old daughter likes them, and i tried one too just for curiosity and they taste just like flinstones but a lot better quality!! im very satisfied

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Granddaughter loves them

Publié par Reviewer3206882 le janv. 15, 2011

I purchased these for my 7 year-old granddaughter who is an uber picky eater. It was always a fight to get her to take her old vitamins (big name brand), but she absolutely loves these.

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rainbow light, just once, kid's one multistars, fruit punch

Publié par Reviewer2323691 le oct. 29, 2008

My kids really disliked the taste. I tried it and I agreed with them. We ended up throwing the whole bottle out.

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Awful Flavor

Publié par Reviewer3000419 le déc. 23, 2008

My 9 yr old didn't like these at all. I tried one and it tasted like a combination of chalk and dried toothpaste with just a hint of fruit.

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