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My favorite PB

Publié par kosherfrugal le Jul 02, 2012

I actually thought my favorite way to eat peanut butter was with chocolate, and after that with honey. Until I tried this product, and now I am a devotee. Peanut Butter and Maple syrup is an amazing combination. I actually requested that iherb start carrying this, and they did - within days! awesome!

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very tasty

Publié par Voblina le Sep 03, 2012

it was very tasty

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Tastes great, use it with fruits or healthy bread!

Publié par NataliyaKvitka le Aug 28, 2012

All the family is in love with all the peanut butter products in this line! I recommend to use it on the dark bread, multigrain crispy bread, or on sweet fruits. // Понравилось всей семье! Использовали на цельнозерновых хрустиках, на темном хлебе из муки грубого помола, как диппинг для фруктов.

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Вкусная арахисовая паста. (Delicious peanut butter.)

Publié par butarev le Sep 03, 2012

Вкусная арахисовая паста с кленовым сиропом. Вкус отличается от аналогичной продукции продаваемой в России. Вкус не приторный. Слегка солоноватый. Утром с кофе самое оно. (Delicious peanut butter with maple syrup. The taste is different from similar products sold in Russia. Taste is not cloying. Slightly salty. Morning coffee with the most it.)

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Sisters approval

Publié par 5493164457282833392 le Jan 12, 2013

Bought this to my sister and her family, so haven't tasted it personally but according to them it was very good!

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Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Publié par 5166230119701718945 le Sep 08, 2013

The maple syrup - peanut butter combination tastes really good, it's also a little salty and has a slight crunch. Easy to spread and no stir. All in all a very yummy and addictive combination - my favourite peanut butter so far!

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Maple Syrup Yumms

Publié par 4958156688283794572 le Jul 13, 2014

Major love for this! :) Will definitely be ordering more of this flavour.

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really good spread

Publié par 5269390935505315963 le Aug 21, 2014

fantastic. not too sweet but still delicious, without being too unhealthy. would definitely buy again.

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Very nice but too expensive.

Publié par 4754108768665679589 le Jun 03, 2012

This is my second favorite after the cinnamon version. I like it but its expensive for me cos of the shipping charge due to heavy weight of the product itself. the peanut butter is not that expensive, its the shipping for the weight that makes it!

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It's nice, but...

Publié par 5329945723409160480 le Apr 29, 2016

Needs more maple flavour. It's basically just peanut butter with a little hint of maple but it's very hard to taste it, you mainly just get the sweetness from the syrup but not the actual maple qualities.

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