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Nubian Heritage, Raw Shea Butter

Publié par Reviewer1437688 le sept. 30, 2008

I have been using this for awhile and my husband and I both like its moisturizing ability and the fragrance very much. He had a itchy spot on his back and it's gone. We will continue to use this product. Thank you.

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Love it

Publié par Reviewer2464178 le juil. 20, 2011

I have eczema on my legs, and its been healing pretty well. I've been applying this gorgeous and with a scent to die for lotion on my legs. The scars are fading though i suppose it will take some time for it to fully fade. I've been applying it to the other parts of my body and its really good that it absorbs well and my skin seems so much more moisturized and firm. It really works and i really love the texture of it, the smell might not be for everyone, but for me who really hates the smell of perfume, i find it nice.^^

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Nubian Shea Butter lotion

Publié par Reviewer2144028 le oct. 15, 2009

Nubian Heritage lotions are wonderful. They are non greasy and absorb quickly leaving your skin silky smooth and well moisturized. I will buy again and have recomended to friends.

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I like this

Publié par Reviewer2542128 le oct. 27, 2008

I use this after I wash my face with Nubian Heritage Black soap wash.

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Publié par Reviewer2964159 le juin 16, 2009

Once again, nubian heritage has made a wonderful product (and thankfully iherb carries it!). The smell is fantastic and the moisturizing is wonderful.

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Publié par Reviewer2307900 le janv. 13, 2011

Had high expectations of this lotion, cause of the good rating. But it was very disappointing. The smell is weird, I define it as a unfeminine smell. The lotion is very thick, and is hard to spread and doesn't absorb quickly. Also the moisturizing is very disappointing. Wont buy it again.

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Overpowering scent

Publié par Reviewer2077277 le oct. 30, 2010

I enjoy Nubian Heritage products immensely and have purchased and repurchased many of their lotions and soaps in various scents. I had high hopes for this one because of the excellent rating, and made the mistake of buying 2 bottles. It has a very strong and (to me) unpleasant odor, which is surprisingly long-lasting for a lotion. I used it on my body after showering and had to take another shower to get rid of the overpowering stench. Then I used it on my hands a few times, but just couldn't get past the smell. It's really too bad because the lotion is quite rich and moisturizing and feels lovely on your skin. Guess I'll be giving my second bottle away to a local charity or something. Maybe a guy would enjoy this lotion, given that the scent is kind of masculine.

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Publié par Reviewer2851534 le juin 12, 2009

This product smells so good, and it will keep you moisturized all day! The scent alone is enough to buy this product (smell it all throughout the day till you take a bath/shower). A HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LOTION! So moisturizing and that scent baby wooh!

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Strongest smelling lotion ever

Publié par Reviewer1478653 le janv. 27, 2010

I purchased this because of the good reviews. Thankfully, I only put it on my hands, because this is the strongest smelling lotion I've ever tried. My daughter smelled it from 5 feet away. I washed my hands with soap, repeatedly, and couldn't get the scent off. I wish I would have listened to the reviews that said the smell was too strong rather than the ones that said it smelled great. On the plus side, my hands felt nice and soft. I just couldn't stand to have them above my waist because of the perfume smell, even after repeated washings. If you are the type of person that drowns yourself in perfume or you have very little sense of smell, then this is the lotion for you. If you don't like to smell those people, don't by this lotion.

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Very good...

Publié par Reviewer2181970 le juil. 23, 2012

I tried this after trying their Mango Butter lotion. It's very good. If I don't want to smell like mango but have soft skin, I use this.

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