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Prefer other stevia products

Publié par LessSugarNaturally le Jun 12, 2013

I recently compared this product with “NuNaturals Alcohol-Free Stevia" and “Sweetleaf’s Sweetdrops". PURITY: You might expect that “pure liquid stevia” means just pure stevia, but most stevia products have a filler to make them measurable in recipes. This product uses the following ingredients:  Water, 20% pure grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine and natural flavors. Compare this to “NuNaturals Alcohol-Free Stevia" which uses only water and glycerine. “Sweetleaf’s Sweetdrops" uses ONLY water as a filler. TASTE: I compared all three products in homemade lemonade. This product is definitely sweeter.  I needed a third less drops than the other two.  This is because the added alcohol acts as a sweetener on its own. I found that it had an extra layer of flavor…not bad…but there was something extra in the taste.  My daughter and I felt it worked well in beverages like lemonade or coffee….foods that have a strong, sour or bitter taste to overcome.  In baking it was very hard to tell the difference, but again there was just a hint of an extra flavor. CONCLUSION: This product tasted good but I don’t like the extra added alcohol. I prefer SL's Sweetdrops made with only water followed by NuNatural’s Alcohol-Free stevia. I live in Canada and have received all of my iherb orders within 2 weeks. Feel free to check out my other detailed reviews on products like stevia, baking staples and low-toxicity beauty products and do let me know if you found this review helpful :)

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Product has changed

Publié par Reviewer2351969 le Oct 22, 2013

Bought this sweetener for more then a year, I was very happy with this product but lately it tastes differently: less sweet and with a strong stevia aftertaste...what changed?????

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I think they have changed it.

Publié par Reviewer1259901 le Oct 27, 2013

And it's not as sweet any more, so that means it's more expensive, as I am using more to get the same sweetness I previously did. I don't find any aftertaste, but I am going to investigate other options now that the bottle doesn't last as long.

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Sugar Alternative- Bad Press, pah!

Publié par Reviewer2268924 le Jun 03, 2011

A lot a bad press revolves around Stevia, but if you search the net you will find a mixture of both good and bad. All sugar is bad for you, but like everything else, in MODERATION you will find a balance that the body is happy with. As for this product, it was sent super quick by iHerb and I was looking forward to an alternative sweetner to honey for my morning porridge oats. However, I think this product is not suitable for sweetening foods you will eat straight away, as for me it left an artificial after taste. In Stevia's defense it is a great alternative to sugar in cakes,desserts (cooked ones), but be careful it's extremely powerful, so don't over do it!

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Publié par australia le Apr 24, 2013

Sweetens as expected, it is 20% alcohol though, which you can taste when added to beverages such as tea and coffee. Doesn't have a bitter aftertaste and dropper works fairly well.

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Good taste

Publié par 5487849416492740001 le Sep 02, 2014

I prefer the packets because you get a better deal with them and you don't need to squeeze that tiny bottle if you're in a hurry.

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Publié par Reviewer1502859 le Nov 24, 2012

great for cooking and all.. no bitter aftertaste, imo sweetness is pretty mild too

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Good stuff

Publié par aRPiieS le Sep 21, 2011

This is good stevia but not as good as crazy dog vanilla flavour one, buy that. Bottle is good, even better than vanilla one, so try this and then vanilla one and put vanilla one into this dropper, nice.

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Publié par monica le Feb 15, 2012

I think this have a lot of after tast. I am not a big fan of it, but I still use it here and there.

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Publié par 5175391633131803000 le Nov 16, 2013

idela para el bolso

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