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Best taste, but beware!

Publié par BelieveJesus4EternalLife le Nov 02, 2007

The good news is there's a no-carbohydrate variety. However, this product contains 1 gm of maltodextrin per serving. Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate with one of the highest glycemic values of any food - 137! I will no longer purchase this product because I use more than one serving when I use it, which means a greater spike in glucose and insulin levels. Because the GI value is so high, this causes the same effect as eating any other sugar-laden food. How ironic is this, but unfortunately it's very true. Go for the no-carbohydrate variety.

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tablets better

Publié par Reviewer3180222 le Nov 05, 2007

The sweetness is inconsistant.It is more ecomomical.I use it for cooking and use the Nunaturals tablets for my coffee and tea.

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good price

Publié par Reviewer1980327 le Jan 09, 2008

Not nearly as concentrated as NOW white stevia powder, you have to use at least 2-3 X as much of this product but the price is so right that it is ok.

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NuNaturals NuStevia

Publié par Reviewer1911127 le Feb 08, 2009

I was really pleased with the quick service with this product. I wish it was one of the stevia's without the liquorice aftertaste I'm finding I dont use it as much as I expected as some recipes are spoiled with the aftertaste.

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Publié par Reviewer1673715 le Aug 15, 2009

This is the first time I've used stevia, so I am learning its properties. It flavored iced tea without any bitterness. However, it did not dissolve well in a homemade vinaigrette. I could taste pockets of sweetness.

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They state this brand has less bitter taste,

Publié par Reviewer1165315 le Oct 04, 2009

but it's still there. I have come accustomed to the taste so it is not a drawback for me. I enjoy having the convenience of being able to scoop what I need for cooking or baking, and not having to tear open small packets and try to measure. Still pricey.

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OK, but....

Publié par Reviewer2072287 le Mar 28, 2010

..we like the Stevia Concentrate by Kal better.

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stevia powder

Publié par Reviewer3245568 le Jul 02, 2010

This is a good product , I still prefer the tablets as they do not have the very slight bitter taste of the powder but the powder is good for cooking.

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pretty good, a little bitter in liquid

Publié par Reviewer1332199 le Jul 11, 2010

I notice a little after taste when I add this stevia to hot liquids.

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good and effective product at a reasonable price

Publié par Reviewer1842372 le Apr 16, 2011

It's taste is not as bitter as other stevia products, however it contains maltodextrin and I am not sure about it's efficacy.

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