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Bye bye artificial sweeteners.

Publié par Reviewer1632411 le Jan 26, 2008

I've used all types of sweeteners, artificial and natural...this is a great find and this brand is without a doubt the best. No aftertaste. Works well in cereal, shakes, tea....etc. Try it.

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Publié par Reviewer1874641 le Mar 17, 2011

This brand of Stevia is really great. There is no aftertaste at all. It is comparable to Splenda, which is what I used before. The only issue with the packets for me was that one whole packet was way too sweet for a mug of coffee, so I had to use half. I think I will buy the powder in the future so I can measure it out myself. Other than that, this is an awesome natural sweetner. I will be using again.

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Great substitute for sugar

Publié par Reviewer1654704 le Feb 14, 2011

tiny bags it easy. Great product

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Good substitute for both sugar and aspartate

Publié par Reviewer3305783 le Mar 01, 2012

As a result of sampling aspartate, saccharin and splenda with my daily coffee, I settled many years ago on aspartate as the best-tasting sugar substitute. But then recently, I came upon the writings of a number of nutritionists, all of whom criticized aspartate and nearly all of whom recommended stevia as a substitute. First, I dropped some directly on my tongue and I did find the taste to be pleasant. The I tried it with my daily 16oz of coffee, and I liked that, too. Whereas I needed 3 packets of aspartate, with Nustevia I need only 2 packets to get the level of sweetness that I desire. So it's Goodbye aspartate! and Hello Nustevia! for me.

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The best!

Publié par Lilly88888888 le Dec 20, 2012

The best sweetener I've tasted!

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Publié par Reviewer1124505 le Feb 07, 2008

I love this sweetener. It's great to bring along in my purse to sweeten my coffee or tea on the road. I don't use sugar or any other artificial sweeteners at all. I have been using this brand for over four years.

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Best I've Had

Publié par Reviewer2959686 le Mar 21, 2008

This is my favorite Stevia so far -- much better to the NOW brand. Mixes well and the taste is great. I get the 1000 packets just because it is so much more cost effective. I haven't tried some of the other brands such as Sweet Leaf -- but not really motivated to since they are more expensive.

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Great Sweetener!

Publié par Reviewer1691035 le Feb 24, 2008

This is a great tasting and healthy sugar substitute. I used to use sweeteners such Splenda, Equal, etc. instead of stevia because it had a bitter taste to it. I'm glad there is finally a stevia powder that tastes similar to sugar.

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Sweet Tooth Be Praised

Publié par Reviewer2657061 le Feb 26, 2008

Love this Product,Sweet without the Bitter after taste.

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Great stuff!

Publié par Reviewer3154994 le Apr 06, 2008

I bought NuStevia because I read about it online. I am trying to stay away from sugar and thought this would be a good natural sugar substitute. I like it very much and I also gave half of my box to my mother to try. So now we both switched from Sweet'N'Low to NuStevia.

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