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Excellent product.

Publié par 5538714359529007885 le mai 13, 2014

I am eating low carb and want to eat my normal foods. This product has made it possible. I can make my normal foods that I love low carb. iherb is a Godsend. I live in the UK and they have made being able to get these products possible. Where would I be without iherb. Excellent company to deal with and an excellent product Please have the 5lb bags. I am about to let the world know about this fantastic product.

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Great product

Publié par 5562091932674497454 le juin 10, 2015

This product is a must-have for my THM style of eating. It has given me a lot more freedom in making baked goods that taste great and have a very low glycemic index. This product is inexpensive and good quality. Will buy again.

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Strange - but good for digestion

Publié par Reviewer1590074 le juil. 17, 2013

Strange. Doesn't resemble oat bran at all, which I expected. It's bitter, and doesn't have a "nutty" taste at all. It's also very dry if you try tasting it. However, after using it for a while, I had to modify my review and increase the stars: It does seem to have a positive effect on the digestion process, which I have never found with other products.

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Publié par 5342746669244409521 le mai 08, 2016

I have been buying this product regularly for 5 months at 3.10 euro. Now the price has doubled. Congrats, I'll consider it twice before buying now... *clapping hands*

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Good product - watch the price

Publié par Reviewer2331663 le mai 17, 2016

This makes an excellent zero calorie substitute for flour. By itself it's too dry to eat but well mixed with fluids or fats or even fruit it's tasty and satiating. The price has mysteriously more than doubled recently however and is now cheaper from the manufacturer which is unusual at Iherb.

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Great form of insoluble fiber

Publié par Reviewer2220144 le janv. 01, 2014

I love adding this product to my GF baked goods & find it is very helpful, very quickly, for bowel regularity. I find the flavor very neutral, perhaps a tad oaty when you taste it pure. But it's too dry to eat off the spoon! Quite enjoyable when stirred into fruit juice /puree /applesauce. I like to make a sort of pudding. If you try this product, be sure to start with a small amount (1/2 tsp) to see how it affects you. IMO it is much more potent than psyllium. I am gluten-intolerant (not celiac) and quite sensitive to gluten, but I haven't had a gluten reaction to this product. It is not labelled GF. YMMV.

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Used it once... Great for low carb high protein baking

Publié par ATurkinMaryland le févr. 12, 2014

I am trying to lose weight and have been trying the low carb and low fat fit. Anyhow... I found this product mentioned. I bake muffins with my protein powders and find that this helps with the bulk and I am hoping maybe for regularity as well. Good product from an excellent company. I highly recommend it.

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Good product!

Publié par 4917015780041301041 le nov. 21, 2014

It works well, has a slightly stronger flavor, but it's a good product! (and works well for constipation)

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Publié par 5155799793040472158 le août 05, 2016

I make my own Baking Blend that is GF AND low Glycemic and Oat Fiber is a key ingredient to keeping it affordable and healthy. This is a wonderful product and I couldn't make breads, cakes, etc. without it!

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LOVE this!

Publié par 5644399665329409943 le mai 14, 2016

I use this to make a homemade baking blend for gluten free baking. It is the best! I have ordered it several times!!

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