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Xanthan Gum

Publié par Reviewer2431715 le nov. 27, 2007

This is an excellent product used in cooking for thickening sauces, milk shakes, gravy and a large variety of dishes. It creates a creamy and thicker consistency. I love it!

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Good product

Publié par Reviewer2288858 le févr. 27, 2008

I ordered this product to thicken up some hot sauce I was making for the first time. It has worked magnificently. I warn you that it is extremely potent and two tablespoons thickened up two liters of hot sauce in a hurry. Very timely delivery and it is probably a lifetime supply for me. I'll certainly use iherb again.

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Great binder - works in synergy with Guar Gum

Publié par iHerbalicious le juin 02, 2012

I have a Celiac Disease and I use xanthan gum together with guar gum as a binder in my home baked gluten free bread – gums, when combined, they work the best. I always add a little of ground flaxseed as well because they really give that elasticity and chewiness to the bread; those of you celiacs who don’t tolerate gums or are simply wishing to avoid them, try to use ground flaxseed only or for even better results use ground flaxseed in combination with some apple fiber powder or psyllium husk to replace the gluten in your GF bread.

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Low Cal Milkshake Solution

Publié par Reviewer2963174 le juil. 03, 2008

Great stuff for thickening a low calorie milkshake. I use maybe 2/3 of a teaspoon.

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Great product and price.

Publié par Reviewer1447692 le mai 02, 2009

Xanthan Gum is a must have for any gluten free baker. It is pricey to buy as well. I was so pleased to find this easy to store container at a great price from iHerb. I have ordered 2 times in the last few months for more.

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Makes Shakes thicker

Publié par Reviewer3271419 le avr. 23, 2010

I drink whey shakes alot. I like them thick, but to get them thick I have to add more whey and make it a higher calorie drink. SO. I started using Xanthan gum to thicken it up. Works great! and you DO NOT need a lot to get what you want. just a 1/8th tsp for 16 - 20 oz will do. Ice/cold water/liquid enhances its ability as well. If you want a good thickener this is great. no funny taste but it will, reduced the flavor or your drink or foods a bit (like gravy) so keep that in mind.

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Great for homemade mayonnaise!!

Publié par Reviewer3064760 le août 05, 2015

I make my own mayonnaise from scratch so I can use very healthy ingredients and oils like light olive oil and rice bran oil. The xanthan gum thickens it up just perfect!!

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Publié par tinatherese le avr. 20, 2013

But can't use it as it is made of corn

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from Ukraine

Publié par FataMorgana le nov. 19, 2011

very good!

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A great substitute for corn startch.

Publié par Reviewer2005640 le mai 03, 2011

I use about 1/4 teaspoon to 1 cup of water. Put it in the blender and blend until the water thickens. Add the thickened water to soup, dressing, whatever. I have used this with broth and milk also with good results.

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