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no kick, no umph

Publié par DinaB123 le Jun 29, 2012

Before this one I used a different products that actually smelled like turmeric. Also I am not sure it has the same anti-inflammatory fighting power. I recently had to ingest gluten for the sake of testing. This supplement did not quell the fire the way the other brand does (Paradise Herbs, Organics, Turmeric). I switched from Paradise Herbs to Now Food because I was not sure about Paradise Herbs certification claims, since they are not GMP, but DEA and OTC compliant. The latter two and more about controlled substances, but not manufacturing practices. But after discovering that Now Foods turmeric contains magnesium stearate, I will certainly switch back. Magnesium stearate and stearic acid are major T-cell suppressors and creators of a biofilm in the gut. Biofilm acts as an effective barrier to the absorption of not only that particular supplement that contains magnesium stearate, but ALL the nutrients you'd normally get from food sources as well.

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now foods, tumeric & bromelain

Publié par Reviewer2802499 le Feb 10, 2009

excellent relief from joint pain, return of flexibility and range of motion. perfect supplement for arthritis.

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Anti inflamitory

Publié par Reviewer2573924 le Aug 05, 2010

This product works great for people who cannot take medical anti inflamitory meds.

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My husband says it relieves his shoulder pain

Publié par Reviewer2489065 le Jun 14, 2011

I've recommended this Turmeric to my son in law, daughter in law and to the lady who cleans my house. They all say that it has relieved their arthritis pains.

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good product

Publié par Reviewer2826153 le Oct 07, 2011

I use these herbs to help reduce nerve inflammation...doctors' recommendations. I just pick whatever is the best price point.

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This stuff is tops

Publié par Reviewer2089761 le Mar 17, 2012

It really seems to help with the inflammation in my sinuses and eyes. Allergies are not bothering me, even though pollen is at record levels for this year. My corneal erosions have decreased a whole lot, both in frequency and severity, since I've started taking 3 of these capsules per day.

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It works for me.

Publié par Reviewer1499344 le Jan 08, 2011

I really believe this product has helped with a chronic inflammation problem I have. I have periformus syndrome. I was using grocery store turmeric until I showed it to my naturopath and she said it was rancid because it was a brownish color. I also use MSM and eat ginger almost every day. My tenderness is 95% better.

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Fantastic for inflamation

Publié par Reviewer2773714 le Sep 03, 2009

I have severe RA and using this has provided me more mobility without using prescription drugs.

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Helps immensely with tendonitis/old injuries

Publié par Reviewer1685556 le May 24, 2011

Broke my hip when I was 18 (too much fluoride is my theory) and have suffered from tendonitis in groin ever since. This supplement lets me exercise without pain again. Essential for older athletes.

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Excellent Product

Publié par Reviewer2111597 le May 19, 2012

this product is highly effective and is improving my quality of life beyond what I thought was possible. Winter is almost here and I was dreading it but since taking this product I have retained and even improved my mobility and flexibility.

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