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Publié par Reviewer2400549 le Jan 03, 2008


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Super Omega 3-6-9, 1200 mg, 180

Publié par NikJustNik le Jul 01, 2008

Excellent product. I purchased to help up my immune syst after being diagnosed with Lyme. It has helped This stuff is excellent! I actually have more energy. I have been taking it for a lmonth now. highly recommeded

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Clean bill of health

Publié par Reviewer2062407 le Jan 11, 2008

Last year the doctor said I needed to get my cholesterol down, exercise more, and take a fish oil supplement for heart health. I started taking the Omega 3-6-9 to sort of cover everything. This year the doc gave me a clean bill of health. The nice thing about these is they don't have any kind of overpowering, fishy aftertaste or any other kind of taste for that matter. I've also noticed my hair and nails have grown much faster and look much healthier. Overall I'm pleased.

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Super Omega 3-6-9

Publié par Reviewer3176577 le Mar 30, 2007

My husband and I both take Now Super Omega 3-6-9. He has had heart surgery and both his doctor and my doctor recommend this product.

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Excellent Product

Publié par Reviewer1443996 le Jan 08, 2008

I have been using Omega 3 Fish Oils for years - usually from the local drugstore or health food store. The Now Foods, Super Omega 3-6-9 softgels are the best and most complete supplement of this type I have ever used.

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Hair and skin look 100% better

Publié par Reviewer3037612 le Apr 02, 2008

After 3 weeks of use, my nails,hair, and skin have taken a turn for the good. My hair and nails are strong and healthy. They even have a nature shine. The reason I bought these pills was to help my skin. No more breakouts (blackheads or whiteheads). A must have.

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Lowered my LDL

Publié par bobm128 le Apr 14, 2009

My LDL was too high so, I added the Super Omega 3-6-9, 2 softgels/day, to my diet. Without any other notable diet or exercise changes, my LDL fell by about 30 points and is now in the healthy range. Plus, there is no fishy aftertaste with these. I recommend it.

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Publié par TheNutriTech le Apr 20, 2015

Omega-3 is a must, no doubt about it, but what concerns me is taking a combination of Omega's that we are consuming/self-generating already; 6 & 9. Recently, I read about Omega-3's health benefits, right there I had a thought that I should dismiss the researching of 6-9 benefits, which in fact caused me some side-effects, an example; the edges of my nails' top skin began to get crannied severely, until I stopped taking this combination, this side effects started to fade away gradually. The reason of such side-effect is that we are already consuming Omega-6 in most of our foods we eat, and our body can actually generate Omega-9, so as a conclusion; Omega-6-9 are completely unnecessary (for me at least), therefore I consider this as an over-dosing. Softgels were huge, regardless of it's easy swallow, it causes bad fishy burps due to it's size and dosage. I'd recommend an Omega-3 of Krill oil from NOW or other brands, not a combination of 3-6-9.

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Great Omega 3 Supplement!

Publié par Reviewer2208605 le Mar 19, 2008

A few years ago my Doctor wanted to put me on one of those cholesterol reducing Rx's. I did my research and found out the Rx he wanted to give me causes liver damage! I started taking Omega 3 supplements instead, and was able to lower my cholesterol level to 200 without the harmful side effects caused by Rx medications. Thanks Now Foods and I-Herb!!!

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This is the BEST!

Publié par Reviewer1639535 le Jul 04, 2007

I started buying this for my 10 yr old dog, Bob, but it worked so well to improve his overall health and coat that I started taking it myself. My skin is softer and smoother, my hair is stronger and thicker, and I just feel better in general.

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