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    Non-GE Golden Flax Meal

    Publié par Reviewer2132658 le nov. 10, 2010

    Hello! We have a group of friends and family, we like and eat golden linseed. We live in Japan, and here are very strict entry of products. Now's The Golden Flaxseed is the best in every way: Non-GE Organic Flax Seeds USDA ORGANIC Besides having a very pleasant taste, a very practical package, and the results confirmed by us. And has a fast delivery, is reliable and very good prices. We will continue to buy this product for sure, and others of NOW, and always by iHerb competent. Recommend.

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    Versatile healthy goodness!

    Publié par 5706216899286930172 le sept. 27, 2012

    It's so easy to incorporate flax into my diet with this flax seed meal. I put it in my smoothies, sprinkle it on cereal, and I also made a kind of flax seed foccacia bread which is great if you are gluten intolerant or just cutting down on carbs. I will definitely order this again.

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    Great bread substitute for low-carbers

    Publié par 4999934268950536368 le janv. 24, 2015

    It does have that distinctive flax seed flour taste but I find it as good as low-carb bread that is made of many dubious ingredients and sold at quite high prices, it is organic, easy to make(simply mix with egg, cinnamon powder and baking soda and bake), but I find it better because it is so much cheaper and you know what healthy ingredients you eat! This golden flax makes golden colour muffins, lighter shaded and more bread-like than cocoa-like coloured muffins(without the cocoa taste...) made with brown flax seed meal.

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    Publié par Reviewer1468863 le avr. 24, 2009

    i'm on my 4th container of this Flax Meal! i add it to my smoothie every morning. NOW products are consistently high quality and i try to buy them befeore any other brand.

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    키토다엿 한다고 샀어요...

    Publié par 5295459507472325559 le mars 15, 2014

    베이킹 하려고 샀는데 꽤 먹을만 하구요 맛있어요 근데 아무래도 베이킹하면 일반 빵맛은 안나요 뻑뻑하니.... 그래도 한국에선 아마씨 비싸니까여

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    Staple of My diet

    Publié par Reviewer1356117 le janv. 24, 2012

    I currently live in Korea and it's really hard to find flax. Flax is amazing. It makes me feel great and the ground up seeds make it so much easier to use. It's great in shakes, smoothies and I even sneak it into some of my juices and baking. If you are on a raw diet, this is a great compliment to that lifestyle.

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    Good fiber :)

    Publié par 4644131376858400054 le août 20, 2012

    If you are searching for good quality fiber, that here it. I recommend it for people who searching for fiber with low content of carbohydrates.

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    Now Foods, Golden Flax Meal, 18 oz (510 g)

    Publié par Reviewer2609603 le sept. 08, 2010


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    Publié par Reviewer1968230 le mai 21, 2008


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    great for baking

    Publié par 5648308282342478859 le avr. 08, 2014

    Great for Paleo coconut and rosemary bread!

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