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Good yeast flakes

Publié par Reviewer2312954 le oct. 05, 2009

These yeast flakes are actually manufactured by Red Star. They seem fine.

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Publié par danielledonohue le juin 19, 2012

My kids love this stuff!!! Every time I make spaghetti I use this instead of cheese, and they always want more and more! I love how healthy it is and how full of protein and B vitamins it is. Wish it was organic, but like how it is non-gmo.

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Easy & natural way to absorb your b-complex

Publié par Reviewer1111169 le févr. 11, 2010

These nutritional yeast are a good & natural way to get your b=complex & is easy to absorb. You also will be getting 9 grams of protein. I like that it has the natural niacin flush that helps to flush radiation out of your body. The flush usually lessens the more you take the yeast flakes.

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Taste pretty good

Publié par Reviewer2967975 le juil. 02, 2008

The taste is pretty good when taking directly. My 5-year-old loves it. Just sticky when melted in the mouth and the powder will be blown out with breath if not careful.

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Great product :)

Publié par Reviewer3241630 le mars 01, 2012

I like it very much, I use it specially with warm meals cuz then it dissolves better and it gives the food a "cheese" taste... but I wouldn't use it too much with raw stuff like juices or smoothies, because the taste is kinda strong then. But it's a really good source of B vitamins :D I really like this product!

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Yeast without a "yeasty" aroma

Publié par Howard le oct. 14, 2013

I purchased the Now Foods Nutritional Yeast Flakes, as an alternative, because the brand I usually like and prefer, was temporarily unavailable at the iHerb site. The Now Foods is a bit pricey for the meager 10 oz quantity in a giant container. Nevertheless, it has a pleasant non-yeasty aroma, at least how pleasant brewer's yeast can be, and the flaky texture is also agreeable, vs others that are powdery. If you don't mind splurging somewhat on the price, I think it is a good choice of brewer's yeast. I gave it 4 stars, as it is a bit expensive for the quantity.

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Awesome Yeast Flakes

Publié par 5395527934265633988 le nov. 20, 2012

I use this all the time now, tastes great on bread.

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Good product.

Publié par Reviewer1995961 le nov. 21, 2012

Nice taste and good price. I have not tried any other kind of nutritional yeast, so I can't compare it to anything. After reading the reviews of a few different ones I chose this kind and I do not regret it.

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Great B Vitamins.

Publié par Reviewer2681231 le sept. 21, 2008

At a great price. I sprinkle these in soup, but don't really notice a great surge of energy as was hoping for.

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Publié par Reviewer1321384 le sept. 23, 2008

Tastes just a bit salty. Mixes pretty well with liquids.

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