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Publié par Reviewer1105031 le Oct 23, 2009

I started taking this about 6 months ago and I know now that I will take it for the rest of my life. As someone who suffers from allergies to several things, as well as chronically waking up in the morning with fairly restricted nasal passages, I now take one of these capsules (600 mg) as soon as I get up and within about 15 minutes I can breathe much easier. A terrific immune system booster also -- as cysteine is the rate-limiting precursor to glutathione, the body's main fuel for the I.S. The label doesn't say this, but you should also take vitamin C at the same time -- not only for synergistic effect, but to prevent any possibility of kidney stones from long term use. I'd recommend 500 mg with each capsule taken. Like all amino acids, take on an empty stomach with water (ie. 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after). I'd also suggest methionine for those who experience high histamine levels.

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NAC 600, 250 Vcaps review

Publié par Reviewer1603337 le Nov 23, 2011

This specific product has helped a great deal with the lung issues I have as well as having a positive effect on my Liver. I have Stage 4 Scerosis & Hep 'C', my Liver just wasn't producing all the protiens it is supposed to & after prolonged use (3-4 months)my Liver has started to produce these protiens, and Enzymes it is supposed to now. Thank you for making your product readily available at the LOW PRICES you charge!! Being on Ontario Dissability, my budget is stretched thin ast is, and every $ saved adds up. Sincerely; Satisfied Customer!

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Great stuff

Publié par Reviewer2823540 le Oct 31, 2010

I have been using various supplements to good effect, but Now NAC topped it off for me. I used to have low energy in the morning and hit lows in the late afternoons, but after taking this supplement, my mood has been centered, I feel better, and I look a little healthier. It may have to do with my body blood type in that I do not make enough neurocrine hormones (adrenaline, dopamine, epinephrine, etc.) So, the selenium production/inclusion helps, as well the glutathione production is said to help with the liver healing, and joint mobility and is an antioxidant found in every cell of the body so helps with binding to free radicals inside the cells In conclusion, it is working good for me so far.

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I Trust Now Foods!

Publié par Reviewer2669783 le Jan 07, 2012

I use Now Foods NAC because it increases my energy. NAC also naturally removes mercury from my body. It is said to cure cataracts. I stopped taking it for a month and my eyesight got worse. Since I found a source that I can get from Australia, I won't let myself run out of it again. Since starting it again, my eyesight seems to have gotten better.

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Good value and great Glutathione booster

Publié par NBPT100 le Jul 14, 2013

Many good reviews here on this NAC product so I will keep it brief. I take this as a Glutathione(aka GHS, a very potent antioxidant) booster. Oral Glutathione supplements don't work! Therefore by taking the precursor NAC you support your body to produce more of it. I take one in the AM and one in the PM on an empty stomach. I like that this has some selenium in it. Just make sure your total selenium supplementation does not exceed 400 mcg per day. L-Glutamine is another precursor to GHS and some people will also add that to their GHS boosting regiment. Anyone with a health issue should consider boosting their GHS as they would likely benefit. NOW makes quality products and this is a good value here on iherb for a 600mg vcap. If you found this helpful kindly visit my iherb home page and see more value added reviews. Peace and good health.

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Bad combination - too much selenium in this NAC product

Publié par Reviewer2498328 le Mar 04, 2009

I take this for HIV, 3 capsules per day. This adds up to 75 mcg selenium. When taking this in combination with NOW's own Adam men's multi-vitamin, which contains the recommended 200 mcg selenium, one gets 275 mcg selenium. This is excessive. I had my blood selenium level checked, and it was elevated. I chose to continue the Adam multi but stop this NOW NAC . I switched to the Jarrow NAC which doesn't have selenium.

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Balanced Candida Treatment

Publié par 5291365967689154749 le Jun 21, 2013

Excellent proven value. Used with a good candida plan including probiotics & Candida Support, NAC strengthens immunity to cope with candida die off. I am using this myself and recommending it to friends as I conquer my candida overgrowth. Start with a good candida diet then introducing NAC to build immunity. One week later add mixed probiotics. After another week add Candida support to kill off the Candida Albicans. You need this order to build immunity and good intestinal flora and cope with die off of Candida. Stay on all 3 supplements (and diet) for 2 months.

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endometriosis treatment and PCOS help

Publié par 5280615812874896036 le Oct 26, 2014

I use it for endometriosis and cysts. Cleans the liver efficiently, and helps with insulin resistance and PCOS. Also, it helps my husband increase sperm motility, as recommended by a physician. Used with l-glutamine, as precursors to Glutathione, the master antioxidant.

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NAC for NRG (Energy)

Publié par Reviewer1541674 le Feb 03, 2008

Yes, NAC helps mitigate the sedation of psychiatric meds. I couldn't have gotten through my recent academic program without NAC in the mornings!

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Increase my stamina and clear my lungs

Publié par TinVal le Aug 16, 2012

Some hospitals use NAC to reduce mucus in the lungs and improve breathing in patients with chronic bronchitis and COPD.

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