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Stop IBS

Publié par Reviewer3210941 le Dec 19, 2007

This product has changed my life and my 93 year old mother swears by it. A wonderful simple remedy for constipation, gas and bloating.

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Great for hunger, not for cravings

Publié par Reviewer1108612 le Mar 19, 2008

I try to eat 3-4 decent sized healthy meals everyday. Sometimes in between meals I get cravings, sometimes true hunger. Anyway, taking 3 of these plus one Garcinia 1000 works for hunger. I am able to wait until my next meal without snacking. As for cravings, well when I get a craving, it's bad! So, even if I take these pills, my hunger does go away, but if the craving is bad enough, I eat anyway. The only thing that I can do for that is to remind myself that I'm not really hungry and I need to have the willpower to not "pig out"...easier said than done, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Overall I recommend this, it's a great price for so many capsules.

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HIGHLY recomended

Publié par Reviewer2834623 le Feb 10, 2009

I have tried everything to fix my gastrointestinal issues but after two days of taking two of these capsules i can say i will never go without! HIGHLY recomended for anyone with bowel issues or just wishes to be more regular.

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They do the job intended

Publié par Reviewer3260068 le Dec 04, 2009

I find these make me burp a lot! but they do do they're job at balancing blood sugar very well indeed. If eating high GI foods make you a bit shaky then these are worth a try. My friend absoloutely swears by them and has got me to order her lots of pots. I do think that if you take them every day they help you to lose weight, one by filling you up, and two by keeping blood sugar more stable.

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Good value

Publié par Reviewer2798027 le Dec 21, 2007

Works great for constipation.

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it works !

Publié par Reviewer1458298 le Jan 06, 2008

it does work, in that it makes me feel full and keep me regular. i take it before my meal and i eat smaller portions. (many of today's diet pills have glucomanna and are very $$, why pay so much when you have NOW) ****just make sure to drink enough water with this product, as stated.****

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Helps with regularity

Publié par Reviewer3231914 le Oct 16, 2008

I think this supports system regularity. I would recommend it to others. I use as directions state and I am well pleased.

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best fiber supplement I have ever used

Publié par Reviewer3070429 le Mar 06, 2009

gentle but effective, will repurchase

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would recommend

Publié par Reviewer3095414 le Dec 02, 2009

It makes you feel full provided you take it well before you eat. Otherwise you get kind of bloated and uncomfortable during digestion. I have a sensitive stomach. Alot of things bother me, like CLA, but not this. It also helps with regularity. My husband likes to snack when not hungry and this keeps him from munching.

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improves blood sugar stabilization

Publié par Reviewer1739606 le Dec 08, 2010

Decreased my appetite for first couple of meals when I took 45 minutes prior to eating. Appetite suppression not so good on following days but I have noticed that my craving and lack of will power in the grocery store has greatly diminished. It has been very hard for me to leave the store without some goody from the bakery department which I often eat in the car on my way home (red flag on this habit.) I'm obese - no surprise there. Since taking this, I seem to not have this tremendous attraction for buying something sugary and unhealthy. I actually left the store yesterday without even considering it. That alone makes this product worth a lot to me. I didn't get diarhea like some report or constipation like others (from forums on the web). My bowels seem to be doing okay - guess I'm drinking enough water when I'm taking this - very important it says. Anyway, I'm hooked on this. I take a lot of vitamins but this one is moving up to near the top of the list of ones I don't want to do without.

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