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Very Helpful

Publié par Reviewer2902019 le Mar 27, 2007

After reading recommendations by several doctors stating that apple pectin is helpful in removing excess estrogen from the body, I tried various brands of apple pectin. This has been a favorite.

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Helps with diarrhea in animals

Publié par Reviewer3045797 le Oct 23, 2011

Purchased for use with my animals as animals can't just take Immodium or whatever. Kaopectate USED to be made from Kaolin (clay) and apple Pectin - but now it's all chemical & no longer safe to use with animals.

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Apple Pectin, 700mg

Publié par Reviewer2770733 le May 25, 2008

This product is awesome! I've been using it for two plus years to help lower cholesterol. It truly works for me, along with sensible food choices. I have to mention the wonderful iHerb team's dedication to customer service, as well. My orders are filled quickly and accurately, at a cost much less than any store in my area. I'm thrilled to have discovered this company.

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Now Foods, Apple Pectin, 700mg, 120 capsules

Publié par Reviewer3139127 le Sep 28, 2008

I started taking apple pectin after I read an article by Dr. Gott in the local paper and how it had helped this person with arthritis pain. I have only been taking for a few weeks, but it does seem to alleviate the pain in my feet and knees.

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Apple Pectin

Publié par Reviewer1788788 le Aug 24, 2009

This really helps to fill me up and I use it to relieve heartburn. Excellent product.

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Publié par Reviewer2101511 le Nov 27, 2007

We take apple pectin as a chelator every day just to eliminate toxins from our bodies

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Aids in liver detox and blood purification

Publié par philosophicalcat le Aug 05, 2010

I use this product to prepare for liver flushing. As long as I clean my liver regularly, I never get sick, but if I get lazy, I get sick! This is especially useful in capsule form as I can take them to work. Taken daily, apple pectin is a soluble fiber which helps purify the blood.

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May help dissolve stones

Publié par Reviewer1107254 le Oct 14, 2007

My doctor said that this helps dissolve gallstones. Along with other supplements, my attacks have gradually lessoned. Its been over a year since the last attack.

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Now Foods Apple Pectin

Publié par Reviewer2352505 le Aug 29, 2008

Pectin is wonderful for detoxification. A quality product at a reasonable price.

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Digestive system

Publié par Reviewer2866177 le Dec 23, 2009

I find the apple pectin to be crucial to the ebb and flow of my digestive system. Very gentle.

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