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no fat

Publié par Reviewer2071896 le déc. 12, 2007

My cardiologist prescribed fish oil. After much research I couldn't find anything that came close to the concentrations of the right kind of oil like Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega.Tryglycerides in the 500's!!!!before are now at 140!!! after 3000 units (3 caps) daily. Minimal after taste. Great product. Thanks

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Publié par Reviewer1386692 le déc. 10, 2008

These are great...mercury-free, high levels of omega 3's, and not a fishy aftertaste. My son's doctor recommended he take a relatively high level of fish oil to treat depression & it worked!

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Bit pricey, but really good stuff.

Publié par Reviewer3268699 le févr. 09, 2008

I would have to say that the Ultimate Omega is the best fish oil out there. I haven't had any fish burbs, or even aftertaste. I actually can take them without any water, since the lemony coating is actually pretty tasty. The only bad part about this product is that it's very expensive. Other than that, great product.

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Love it

Publié par Reviewer2814588 le déc. 13, 2007

I put it in the freezer so that when I take it morning I don't worry about the fish oil smell.

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A top of the line product

Publié par Reviewer2486932 le sept. 18, 2008

This product is potent, molecularly distilled, and is easily assimilated without any fishy aftertaste. Because of the distillation process, consumers can be assured that they are not ingesting toxic metals, as with other fish oil supplements.

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Nordic Naturals, ultimate omega, 1000mg, 120 lemon-flavored gel caps

Publié par Reviewer3147086 le nov. 22, 2008

Been taking these a few months. Sometimes have minor pain in finger joint of left hand. This tenderness in my finger joint ceased after using 1 bottle these fish oil capsules. I skipped using them for several days, and the point in finger joint began again. Since using them (once or twice a day) for a few days, the tenderness is gone again.

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Helped with Focus

Publié par Reviewer1254352 le nov. 20, 2007

Love the purity of the product. Along with other things, this has really helped my 10 year old to focus more.

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The only softgel made of fish gelatine

Publié par Reviewer2103834 le juin 04, 2011

It's my only choice for omega 3 softgel. The others are made of non-fish gelatn (i'm a muslim). Thou others are available to be cheaper (I don't mind fishy smell, if it smells of tuna, it reminds me of tuna sandwich LOL) But Omega 3 not only helps with healthy heart, but also for improves your vision and brain function. I'm actually more for the vision as it helps with my dry eyes and I actually can see better now. I gave a 4 because it's a bit pricy.

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Publié par Reviewer3327222 le août 04, 2012

I used to purchase this product before but ever switch to Carlson fish oil products. I have stopped ordering it anymore.

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Publié par YUYICHEN le oct. 01, 2013

吃魚油最主要是想治療濕疹和乾眼症,每天早、中各一顆而已,感覺有改善,而且沒有魚腥味,目前有吃完一瓶。 接下來想買腸溶型的,因為胃炎的關係,胃部脆弱,每次吞完魚油都會有不舒服的感覺,甚至會脹痛,如果我的胃恢復健康了,我還是會回購這一瓶的~不錯。

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