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    Excellent Liquid DHA

    Publié par RubiesHealth le oct. 24, 2012

    My teenage son has been taking this since little. He is still unable to swallow capsule/tablet/softgel, so this is really helpful. Nordic Naturals is one of the few brands that I trust for mercury-free fish oil and this formula is effective for brain focus, mood regulation, eye health, and healthy skin. My son has out-grown multiple childhood allergies and poor eye-sight. Now he has perfect 6/6 eye-sight. The oil is tasteless but it smells pleasant sweet because of the strawberry flavor.

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    Probably one of the best omega supplements for children

    Publié par AptekaNaturalis le avr. 13, 2013

    Great taste - slight hint of strawberry and no fishy smell or aftertaste. High in DHA- very good for brain development-may improve your child's cognition and behaviour. No measuring spoon supplied.

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    Good flavor, no fishy taste, helps with tantrums

    Publié par 4854185668346234249 le sept. 02, 2015

    I originally started giving this to my preschool-age son because he was having horrible tantrums. These were very bad with him screaming out of control, trashing his bedroom, and throwing toys at my head on almost a daily basis. Within two weeks of giving him a nightly dose of the Children's DHA I could see a big difference in his behavior. He was calmer, and when he got upset he was more reasonable and calmed down much more quickly. Tantrums went down to once a week right away. Now, a year and four bottles later he only has a bad meltdown like that once or twice a month. One very interesting thing about this is that right before I first started giving it to him he had gotten about a dozen mosquito bites on his face and arm. He has always had an almost violent reaction to mosquitos and would get huge lumps at each site that looked like half a Ping-Pong ball under his skin. These would take up to three weeks to heal fully, leaving a red mark even after the swelling had gone down. His bites had almost disappeared in TWO DAYS after starting to take the Children's DHA. Of course, fish oil is good for inflammation but I had started him on it for the tantrums. Since then every time I get mosquito bites I take extra fish oil and they don't even itch.

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    Didn't like the taste that much

    Publié par Reviewer2251562 le oct. 04, 2008

    Before giving this to my kids, I tried it first. I didn't appreciated the taste and hope that my son and daughter would like it. My son didn't like the taste at all. Fortunately, my daughter, 3 years old, can still tolerate it and has it again next morning otherwise this would need to be thrown out. I know cod liver oil is rich in EPA and DHA however, we just can't continue taking it because of the taste. Carlson fish oil, both orange and lemon flavor, taste much much better than this. They also contain rich DHA and EPA. So I think we would stay with Carlson fish oil.

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    Nordic Naturals, Children's DHA, strawberry

    Publié par Reviewer2714032 le mars 13, 2010

    My kids tried it and didn't like it at all, it was too fishy with a strawberry flavor. I tried to see for myself, I felt the same way the kids did, it did not taste good. I can't return it. T Congleton San Jose, CA

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    The spout is an issue

    Publié par 5074147583414996159 le juin 29, 2013

    I like this product, and would have rated it higher, except that it's not designed to pour well into a spoon or whatever, without spilling a little down the sides (which is annoying because this is oil after all, and you end up having to wipe or wash it away). The spout at the top needs to be redone to allow for more accurate pouring. The taste of the product is fine, and my children take it without complaining.

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    The only fish oil my girl loves

    Publié par HweeLing le sept. 28, 2011

    This is the only fish oil she loves. After giving her daily dosage, she always asks for more!

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    Publié par 4676432812212546906 le févr. 22, 2013


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    Publié par 5296086827657975150 le juil. 17, 2013

    so great food ,my baby like it

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    Publié par 5358632610941560173 le déc. 23, 2014

    I am very happy that my daughter is swallowing this. And it has a great ingredient ratio. Will reorder.

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