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Publié par Reviewer1184132 le Jul 12, 2010

This is my second bottle of NEOCELL and I can say it really works on my skin. I decided to give it a try when I noticed a slight sagging on my neck, I no longer have it, it´s like the skin tighten back to how it was. Great stuff!

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36 years old, Asian

Publié par Reviewer2172315 le Jul 21, 2011

This is the 2nd btl of collagen I've taken. The 1st btl I've tried is the other Neocell Collagen (fish collegan) with HA. I take 3 tablets 1st thing in the morning when I wake up and will do stuffs for 1/2 hr then I'll eat breakfast. I will also take 3 tablets right before I go to bed cos I heard the 1st 2 hrs of sleep absorb the best. Then I also take 1 tablet of Now brand Hyaluronic Acid 100 mg (as recommended)after lunch. I don't see extreme wonderful face-with-the-spark result, however, my skin is much more moist and I've gotten those light reflect of skin back like when I was much younger. That result appeared at the 5th week when I was taking my 1st btl (but only consuming 1/2 the recommended dosage), thus I'm taking the 2nd one. This is really the most distinct result of taking supplement I've ever experienced for the past 10 years. I strongly recommended ladies to take collagen for skin. My background, I never lotioned myself unless skin is cracking and bleeding kindda dry. So after taking this product, skin looks shiny without putting on lotion.. Very nice~~ As for hair wise, I never had any hair problem so I can't tell.

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Collegan C

Publié par Reviewer2070836 le Apr 22, 2011

I was excited to try this after reading the reviews on iherb...but when I saw sideline note on label that it DOES contain magnesium stearate I had to forego it as I have many products. Avoid this additive people! I rebought all my supplements and my budget was hurt badly. I wish I could ask for refund on these type products. I study label before purchase too!

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Great Results, Works Well, Good Quality!

Publié par Read-Me-Now-Be-Happy le May 27, 2013

We really like this product and have ordered it many times! It's very popular. Great results for skin, hair, nails, brain, body....Be sure to take the recommended dose but you can start out with a lower dose to see how your stomach handles it. FYI, this is not vegan, it's meat based...beef I believe. This is the value sized bottle. There's a smaller one as well. Great product!

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Oh My God!!!

Publié par MichaelLabib le Feb 02, 2012

I can't tell you enough about this product. I have been using it for 10 days or less, I started seeing some results. It's wierd but I have always had weak nails, tendons, ligaments and cartilages. Now after 10 days of using this product, my nails and hair are getting stronger and I didn't change anything other than that product. I guess it will cure my tendons and help my overall health but after few months, I will use this product for as long as I can get it!!! Thanks for my health has dramatically improved with your supplements and affordable prices. Keep up that good job guys :)

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Great Product

Publié par Reviewer2785894 le Apr 14, 2013

I found collagen 1&3 very useful for my knees and back pain, unfortunately after 3 month of use I had to stop for one month as I was put on medication, during that period I noticed the pain had come back and then reduced by 80% after one week of using it again. I wish all good health, Good Luck

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Love it!

Publié par Reviewer2636967 le Feb 10, 2010

At 60 years old, my skin is beginning to age. I've been taking this product for 2 months and absolutely love it. My hands have taken on a more youthful look, no age spots and the skin looks thicker. My facial complexion is now evenly toned and pores smaller. I don't mind going without makeup now! Unfortunately, it hasn't helped with beginning facial sag yet, but I'm still hoping. Wish I had found this years ago.

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Helps with joints and skin. A more youthful face. Good for anti-aging.

Publié par danarm le Sep 15, 2013

This is very effective. However, I prefer the powder from the same company, the powder can be mixed in coffee so you avoid tasting it. You can not avoid to taste the pills - they taste absolutely horrible to me and this is why I'm rating this 1 star. Instead of this, I recommend the Neocell Super Collagen POWDER which can be mixed into coffee or juice, to mask the taste. The powder is an excellent product. 10 grams of collagen every day taken for 6 months have been clinically proven to improve the joints. The MRI scans clearly show this. Also, there should be an effect on the skin. I prefer this version which also contains a bit of Vitamin C.

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Love Love this!

Publié par Taniana le Sep 10, 2014

WOW i've been using the collagen for 1 months now and the results are amazing: Tighter all over body, stronger muscles, more energy, thicker plumper skin, healthier hair and nails!! Update: negative things: caused weight gain. and the sulfites in it caused dizziness not to mention that they are very bad for the liver. So Stopped. be careful

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Big & rough-surfaced tablets.

Publié par vientoz le Oct 13, 2013

2cm long & 0.8cm thick, tablets are way too big! Very difficult to swallow. The surface is very rough too, which makes it worse. Makes me not wanna eat it.

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