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good product!

Publié par Reviewer3309577 le Sep 07, 2009

overall i felt good while using it. Except that I used to sweat a lot and it used to rash my skin a bit. It worked as a good diuretic for me. I recommend this for people with hairloss as my hairloss got totally cured with this product.

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Publié par Reviewer1074442 le Jun 06, 2012

I take nettle for iron and to help bring down inflammation in my lungs due to asthma that I used to have. These are great quality, same as Dr. Christophers. My only complaint is that they don't come in v-caps.

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helps with allergies

Publié par Reviewer1099448 le Sep 25, 2009

It helps with seasonal allergies. I think nettle leaf has a diuretic effect, so I use a small amount of it early in the day in order to help minimize night time sleep interruptions.

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Does seem to help

Publié par Reviewer1652842 le Jun 18, 2009

I noticed an improvement with my constant sniffles and other allergy symptoms. Also, for what ever reason, it seems to have gotten rid of embarassing flatulance.

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Publié par Reviewer2501613 le Sep 29, 2011

My husband is taking this with other herbal supplements to treat and prevent gout. I would not recommend this product if you need or taking blood thinners. Please research nettle leaf-I believe it can thicken your blood. Otherwise helps gout. Salisbury,NC

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Publié par Reviewer2291174 le Nov 18, 2010

we give this to my dog to help his compulsion to itch and bite his sensitive skin. It helps, doesnt eliminate the problem, but it helps.

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Publié par Reviewer2545350 le Apr 12, 2011

it is great in combination with other herbs for milk production

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try it

Publié par Reviewer3334918 le Apr 26, 2008

I've tried 5 different precription and over the counter allergy medicines. A combo of this and quercetin work better that all of them. For the first time in years I am symptom free with a combo of this,quercetin and allegra d.

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chronic morning sinus and phlegmy throat

Publié par cubbycubby le Jun 15, 2016

after the first bottle, conditions improved well. I've stopped popping a flu pill every morning ever since.

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Publié par 5288378611196705558 le Jun 21, 2016

I got this supplement because I read it was good to lower carnitine levels and help the liver but I haven't done any tests after using this. However, I have noticed a difference in my sinuses, they're not as congested as they usually are!

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