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Hot Blood is Good Blood

Publié par Reviewer1113795 le Jun 26, 2008

My mother suffers from Reynaud's disease, and gets 100% relief by taking this Cayenne product. She suffered many years of white, bloodless fingers, nothing could warm them. I am a diabetic. I use this product to improve my circulation. Without it my feet, like many diabetics, would have a lifeless, gray look to them. I take quite a lot of cayenne, four capsules three times a day, with meals. My feet have a lovely pink color, which I attribute to the widening effect of the veins and capillaries that cayenne causes.

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helping blood pressure

Publié par Reviewer2454656 le Mar 14, 2009

taking your cayenne has loweres my blood pressure from 200/100 to 126/65. i think i've saved a lot of money ,i used to use drugs, not any more.

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Definitely worth it!

Publié par Reviewer2127678 le Jun 12, 2009

I started taking these because of poor circulation. The first pill I took gave me a little heartburn, but after that first one I got used to it and learned to take them with food. These are like little internal heaters and from someone that always had cold hands and feet they are wonderful. I feel increased energy as well. They worked great for me.

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Publié par Reviewer2868189 le Jul 24, 2009

I had an eye problem doctors call NAION (do a Google) that in severe cases can make you blind. Capsaicin (the active ingredient in cayenne) healed my right eye beautifully, as checked by an MD. I intend to keep taking it forever.

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Cayenne Natures Way

Publié par 4648189980577312190 le Aug 25, 2014

After one week of using these, 3 times a day, I suddenly realized how good I felt. From feeling tired all the time I was looking for things to do. Using them with the Hawthorn, tried without but didn't feel so energized - the combination really worked well for me.

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Great Fat Loss, Batman!

Publié par Reviewer2998293 le Oct 05, 2011

I read an article on a study done in Korea on capsaicin for fat loss & decided to try it. Having a bunch of ancient injuries & fibromyalgia, it's hard for me to do a lot of things in reasonable comfort any more. Figuring that the potency guarantee was accurate, I have been taking divided doses of capsaicin at the required level to lose fat - & I have! Whee! The fat is melting away - 22 lbs in just under 3 months - & I have the added benefit of decreased whole-body inflammation & pain & stiffness. How great is that!

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Publié par sveta-goryun le Apr 15, 2012

So much pain in my stomach!

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Absolutely amazing!

Publié par Reviewer1993634 le Aug 08, 2011

This really increases my metabolism. I feel amazing and my jeans are not as snug as they were 2 weeks ago. I have much more energy and my mood is upbeat and positive. It makes me extremely hungry, however, so I only take two per day because I don't want to eat my family out of house and home. Definitely take it with a full meal!

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Weight Loss helper

Publié par 5189246650128888806 le Mar 28, 2013

These capsules really work! I started with one a day with dinner but now have three a day (B-L-D). My food intake has dropped by 30% and I don't feel hungry. The weight is slowly coming off - my aim is slowly over many months with a changed attitude to food becoming a habit. They really do work.

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Produto entregue conforme anunciado

Publié par 5190612346002405794 le Apr 07, 2014

take a pill with meals

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