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Boswellia Works for UC

Publié par Reviewer1440736 le Jan 13, 2008

I have been using Nature's Way Boswellia for over 6 months as an alternative to presciption Colazal or sulfasalazine for ulcerative colitis. I think it is more effective with no side effects, and has kept the UC it in remission for as long as I've been taking it.

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Great pain reliever, helped avert a migraine too!

Publié par Reviewer2546946 le Aug 01, 2011

I absolutely love this brand of Boswellia. (I did try a different one it was not as good.) This one is the best. It relieves my low back and knee pain and actually diverted a migrane my niece was about to suffer. This also does a great job on the tightness in my neck. (Use this instead of the poisonous acetaminaphen which kills the liver and kidneys.)

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Relieves the Pain

Publié par Reviewer2431986 le Feb 17, 2009

I was told this relieved the pain of Ulcerative Colitis which it has.It has also helped with my joint pains often associated with this disease.My knees no longer ache after my workouts.Fast shipping and a quality product. 5 stars !!!!!

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at last an Easy to take boswellia

Publié par Reviewer2350766 le May 25, 2013

I have used 3 different brands of boswellia all have been effective, I take a high dosage. However these are by far the easiest to swallow, great pill design, inflammation often also effects the the ability to swallow and these have spared me from the wretched choking and spasms that some others have triggered.If the low dose is not helping you might want to increase to find your effective level.I take this in combination with Source naturals Inflama-rest four tabs of each am and pm with an additional dose of 2 more boswellia mid-day (or 4 more if I'm having a bad flare up). This many pills irritates my stomach if taken all at once so I divide them and take them about 20 mins apart and then No prob. One day without these and I lose some mobility. Gave me some life back!

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This rally seems to work!

Publié par Galensmom le Oct 17, 2011

I have not had joint pain since taking it. I tkae 100 mg 2x day with food. took about 4 days to notice effects. Nice to be off OTC Tylenol. Better yet, I also give it to my dog, who has hip pain, and he is now OFF the doggie NASAIDS that are very expensive and prone to cause problems in dogs. After being on Boswellia for a week, my dog was bright eyed, energetic and wanting to run, instead of limping slowly then stopping after a few feet. I can see the dramatic difference in his energy and gait.He gets it 4 days in a row, then skip a day. Seems to continue to be effective.

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Very Helpful

Publié par Reviewer3362462 le Mar 25, 2009

I have cronic pain and Boswellia seems to help with the inflamation and pain level. I still take my regular pain meds but seem to go longer between dosages especially at nite. This took about 3 weeks of 3 times daily to notice the difference. Would highly recommend this product for degenerative disc disease

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Great product!

Publié par Reviewer2224917 le May 01, 2009

I use this for colitis,,,and it works! So much better than conventional drugs...I've been using it for about 3 months, and no IBS symptoms!

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Fast Pain Relief

Publié par Reviewer2808138 le Oct 29, 2007

I bought this after 'regular' anti-inflammatories failed to give any relief at all from my back injury (which I sustained falling off a horse). After using this product at the suggested dosage for a single day (in combination with magnesium for muscle spasms) my back feels almost as good as new. I wish I had tried this weeks ago!

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Cured my IBS

Publié par Reviewer1726677 le Oct 22, 2008

Doctors usually find inflammation in cases of IBS, this ended it!

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Publié par marvcole le Jul 07, 2012

It helps me with my pain when walking. I take it with the omega 3 in the mornings. It works well for inflamation and lessen the pain from my RA.

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