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Not Happy

Publié par Reviewer1529497 le janv. 07, 2011

Not happy at all to see that this product contains Sodium Benozate, which studies are showing more and more is very toxic. My girls are picky they like this liquid, although it is back to the drawing board now. Thanks for wasting my time, I thought this stuff was suppose to be all natural.

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one of the best children's mvi i've tried

Publié par Reviewer1079907 le mars 07, 2008

my 2 and 1/2 year old son barely notices it in his juice and it contains good doses of many vitamins and minerals.

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The Best Tasting Whole Food Multi-vitamin I Have Found

Publié par Reviewer1488639 le juil. 21, 2008

I bought this for my grandchildren, ages 6 and 3. I gave it to them in a tablespoon and did not have to mix it in anything. They loved the taste. I tasted it and it is very good. Believe me I have tried several different chewables and other types and this one is the best. I wanted them to have a multi-vitamin with whole food (veggies and fruit) because I don't think they get enough in their diets. Also, the price was very reasonable.

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Publié par Reviewer3222697 le mars 14, 2009

The first liquid vitamin that really does taste GREAT and taste like what it says!! All 4 of my kids love it and I have two with very particular taste buds.

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Publié par Reviewer2862251 le mars 31, 2009

Great to mix with other supplements as the taste is so good my kids don't notice the cod liver oil mixed in. Wonderful product.

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Like it!

Publié par Reviewer1061606 le mai 13, 2010

This brand was recommended by our chiropractor. I especially like that it comes in liquid form so that I can sneak it into my 2-year-old's chocolate rice milk. He won't take anything directly that he thinks I want him to have, even if it tastes. I learned that with elderberry lozenges!

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Animal Parade Liquid Vitamins

Publié par Reviewer2018479 le mars 17, 2011

My kids don't like it. They will not drink it. I even tried mixing it with juice. Even my son, who eats most horrible vitamins, won't drink it.

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My kids love it

Publié par Reviewer1270878 le mars 10, 2011

There is a good assortment of vitamins and minerals in this product. Way better than a gummy vitamin and my kids love it like it's a treat. Will continue to order this.

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Publié par Reviewer1257196 le oct. 27, 2009

as good as usual

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my pre-schooler loves this!

Publié par Reviewer1022706 le févr. 07, 2010

taste very good for an iron containing vitamin.

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