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My son asks for more!

Publié par eathealthy le Jun 29, 2013

My son always asks for more after his takes two of these daily multivitamins! He thinks that these are candy even though they aren't! These multis are sweetened with xylitol so they aren't bad in any way for your kids! Of course, they provide all the vitamins and minerals for you kids in case they don't have a good eating day, and that gives me peace of mind as a Mom! If you like my review check out my page by clicking eathealthy in blue above to see reviews of all the products I have purchased from iHerb!

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One of my favourite childrens supplements

Publié par AptekaNaturalis le Jul 29, 2013

I bought already two packs and will be buying more. Impressive list of excellent ingridients: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, medicinal mushrooms and much more. No allergic reactions noticed. Taste is slightly sour. For extra protection during cold/flu seasons I usually give to my child two animals a day together with fish oiI and probiotics. I also allow 2-3 weeks break between courses of vitamins.

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Excellent vites

Publié par 4959446466466761963 le Jul 13, 2013

We've tried lots of vitamins and the kids always prefer Animal Parade. A very high quality vitamin for a great price.

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Publié par 5596618204926095099 le Jan 31, 2014

My little one loves these, she sees them as candies :). I am very happy with this product

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My DD did not like it

Publié par Reviewer1817007 le Sep 21, 2012

Took once only and never want it again... What a waste...

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Grandkids love this

Publié par DeanaS le Sep 11, 2012

I am thrilled when I find a vitamin they want to eat. Not so sweet that they sneak them, but they willingly chew them up. I don't have them every day so I want to be sure they get their vitamins when I do see them.

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Great product!

Publié par Reviewer2035737 le Mar 06, 2012

I love that they added new whole foods to the vitamins. My daughter still enjoys taste.

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really the best for my Children

Publié par ClaraAndHerman le Jun 28, 2012

It is full of all the good things a childs body need to develop properly. It gives me a really good feeling feeding my children this. I crush them and put them in my babys porridge as well. He need the good stuff too :-) Edit: and I like that it is sweetened with xylitol. No sugar :-)

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Publié par Reviewer2308824 le Jul 02, 2012


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Best Chewables EVER !!

Publié par Sickness-ELIMINATOR le Aug 11, 2013

I have done a lot of research as my kids have allergies and so many vitamins have additives, fillers, sweeteners and junk! These are hands down the best vitamins for quality of ingredients, taste and company! The company is also amazing in customer service. As a Father and a health coach I support these vitamins and this company above all others! You can find more Excellent products on my Page.

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