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Publié par TheSoulfulSpoon le Aug 18, 2012

This is the BEST probiotic for the money. YOu don't need MORE billions of probiotics, you just need the ones you use to be effective. These are! This is the best product for regularity, indigestion, and constipation. LOVE it. I don't get sick either since this stuff is great for immunity.

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Excellent value

Publié par LouLou le Jul 06, 2013

If you look at the ingredients list on your probiotics you will see that this contains the main cultures in high amounts and look at the price!!! I am always a bit cynical about probiotics because you pay huge amounts of money for little benefit. Well if we MUST take them then we might as well take this one so we don't go broke!!

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It really works!

Publié par armiss le Apr 23, 2013

I've tried many different probiotics before, but since I've started using Nature's Bounty, I really felt the improvement. My digestive system is getting better, do not feel abdominal bloating symptoms any more. When using antibiotics, always use probiotic together and a period of time after.

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Ingredients contain GMO Corn.

Publié par 4774799572434950650 le Jan 23, 2013

This product is made out of non organic corn which most likely contain GMO in it, I called the company and they told me it does not have GMO but than if it does not have GMO why not label it as a non GMO supplement. very fishy and will not risk my health with this product. Also the customer service lady wasn't very pleasant to talk to.

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Only 5 stars

Publié par Reviewer2507557 le Sep 12, 2013

This product amaizing, its make you helthier overall.

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t's ok

Publié par 5065062688064865496 le Nov 27, 2013

dollars worth

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Very good product

Publié par 5050968036455382867 le Jan 02, 2014

Helps to relieve heartburn if taken first thing in the morning

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Publié par Reviewer1487790 le Jan 10, 2014

works great.

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this product is very good.

Publié par 5164731092409505178 le Aug 03, 2013

i have feeling with stomach gas from last two years. when i start to eat probiotic, this problem is solved. i try to buy natures bounty extra strength probiotic acidophilus in singapore but i can't buy. really your service is very good and more helpful to me.

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Publié par Hurrahei le Aug 09, 2014

Tar disse hver dag. Ingen smak eller bivirkninger. Virker gjerne litt mykgjørende på magen/fordøyelsen, noe som er bra for meg. Ok at de ikke trenger å stå i kjøleskap.

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