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WellBetX Rx Omega-3 Factors with Borage Oil

Publié par Reviewer3280081 le Feb 05, 2007

This is a Awesome Product. As a Diabetic, I take 6 Softgels daily. This product helps with blood sugar control for me. 5 Stars for Natural Factors products!

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Carpal Tunnel woes away!

Publié par Reviewer2227950 le Nov 02, 2007

This stuff alleviates most of the pain I experience from carpal tunnel-related problems. It's great!

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Very good product

Publié par Reviewer2292722 le Oct 12, 2008

This is a great product because is has the good essentials EPA, DHA and GLA from omega 3 and 6 in a perfect balance. I take 3 a day now because I don't eat much fish and meat. I don't have an after taste after taking these gels!

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good mix

Publié par HealthandBeautyGirl le Feb 04, 2014

Was using Max DHA which I love, but tried some borage oil and seemed to feel better overall (calmer etc), so I found this which combines both so it's a money saver and less pills to take. oddly, I have lost 5 pounds without trying or changing anything else, I am wondering if it's from this. I don't normally lose weight easily and I wasn't aware of Borage oil or this combo for weight loss. SEE MY PAGE IF NEW TO IHERB!

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Warning, this may not be what you expect

Publié par Reviewer2705221 le Feb 08, 2009

Note that the serving size is 2 caps. The RX Omega 3 Factors with only fish oil, containing 400/200 mg EPA/DHA in each capsule is better priced. The borage oil added to these WellBetX caps should be much less expensive.

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A calmer too

Publié par Reviewer1867644 le Dec 19, 2007

I need this for good cholesterol count, for inflamations but I feel more its effect as a calmer because of the DHA present in this capsule.

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Publié par Reviewer2326168 le Jul 24, 2011

I've been using this for a long time. And it works great! It totally rids me of monthly period pain.

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Skin texture improvement

Publié par Reviewer1917266 le May 26, 2010

My skin texture improves tremendously

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Good Product

Publié par Reviewer1488639 le Jul 09, 2009

I like this product and I am taking to help with my cholesterol. My cholesterol test that I had done in June was 175 and this was about 25 less than before. So, I think it is definitely helping. IHerb is a great company and the ordering is easy and I have had a very good experience with them. I will order again from IHerb.

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There is no better for omega-3

Publié par Reviewer2953331 le Feb 09, 2009

omega-3 with absolutely no fishy aftertaste

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