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There is no such thing as Pharmaceutical Grade

Publié par EdiblyOrganic le Sep 05, 2013

According to Consumer Labs, chromatographic analysis of this product (RxOmega-3 Factors) came up far short of their label claims of EPA and DHA despite their marketing statement that it is "one of the highest potencies of EPA and DHA available". In fact, their product only contains 83.3% of the label claims. It is also one of the more expensive ones on the market. Its claims to be "Pharmaceutical Grade", are completely meaningless because the FDA doesn't grade fish oil, so there's no such thing as "Pharmaceutical Grade". When CL published their test results, the manufacturer asked CL to retest with a different independent lab agreeable to both. CL agreed but insisted that the lab report, whatever it may say, would be published unedited. The manufacturer then backed out and refused the test unless the independent report could be redacted or edited. Beware and do your research!. If my review has been helpful to you, please click on the 'yes' link down below. ;)

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Rancid fish burps

Publié par 4743224431410592681 le Jul 15, 2012

Since it had such high reviews, I tried it. I've had cheaper fish oils, but this one is so rancid!! I never get fish burps and I got my first one...and it tasted rancid. Never going to buy it again. I wonder why it's so popular... すごく臭いです・・こんなに臭うフィッシュオイルは初めてです。体に悪そうです・・

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Low quality

Publié par Reviewer1180306 le Jul 23, 2012

The oil inside tastes rancid. Pharmaceutic grade my buttocks!!

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Publié par Reviewer2372279 le Apr 20, 2011

I have had other 'Pharmaceutical Grade' fish oil that that was not 'fishy' smelling when I burped. I really cannot take this stuff w/o this happening. My understanding is that is the point of 'pharmaceutical grade.' Not happy. Bought 2 large bottles.

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worst for burping fish tast

Publié par Reviewer1372616 le Apr 01, 2013

I have been using fish oil caps for a long time now. I tried this one on a reccomdation of Iherb, found that this is the worst one for burping up fish oil and tast. and cannot get taste out for some time. went back to the Krill fish oil tabs that do not do this nearly as bad or at all. waste of money use the Krill fish oil. unless you like fish oil taste.

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Publié par Hypatia le Jun 30, 2013

The capsules seem to consider rancid fish oil. I got fishy burps and cut one open in order to make sure the gelcaps were okay, they were not. I contacted Natural Factors to see if they were willing to take it back or answer my questions, they only referred back to iherb. iherb itself refused to respond to the issue that this product was rancid. I take a different fish oil in liquid form, 1 tsp twice per day with no problems.

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Publié par Reviewer2818474 le Mar 30, 2010

I've been using this brand for well over a year now -taking 4 per day. I thought it was a great bargain (after using Nordic Naturals). I've started to notice more and more unpleasant "fishy burps". I bit into a capsule and it smelled and tasted horrible! This is rancid! (google rancid fish oil). I can't believe I have been putting this into my body. It took 2 washings to get the smell off my hand. It was THAT bad.

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Stomach problems...

Publié par Reviewer2896039 le May 24, 2013

I took it only for 2 weeks. I tried it with drink of with food and the results were the same. I had problems with my stomach. Just not for me...

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Publié par 5423764431302378991 le Nov 11, 2013

ive had fish oil for more than 10 years, this is probably one of the worst, and the only one which causes fish burps for me. NO THANK YOU.

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Fish burps

Publié par Reviewer2769208 le Mar 20, 2014

I was not at all happy with this fish oil. I kept burping a really nasty fish taste most of the day. Bought a different, cheaper brand and haven't had any problems.

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