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Powerful Anitbacterial & Breath Freshener

Publié par Reviewer3048052 le Dec 27, 2010

I add a drop of the oil to my toothpaste before brushing. After brushing,, I get that clean fresh feeling that puts me in the best of moods. With continued usage twice a day, I find that the fresh feeling lasts throughout the day. If I missed out of using it then I tend to get more plague formation and that awful sticky feel in the mouth. This oil also does wonders for my digestive system. Just 4 drops under my tongue and wash it down with juice or water. I only get the initial stink during the first 2 weeks of use. Thereafter the oil no longer stinks me when applied under the tongue. It reduces the appearance of white coating on tongue and sometimes my tongue is a beautiful bright pink! I'll definitely continue to use it and recommend this oil to my friends.

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i swear by this!

Publié par Reviewer2441685 le Sep 26, 2011

this is amazing. i gave some to a friend whose dog had some sort of skin rash / problems. the vet gave the dog antibiotics and cortisone, but nothing has helped. after applying this oil, in one week, the dog's skin is not red anymore. she's not in pain and hair is starting to grow back.

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Benefits of Oil of Oregano

Publié par Reviewer1941008 le Sep 30, 2011

I try and treat my dogs and cats with the most natural remedies that exist. Oil of Oregano (liquid) is great for scratches, sores and really works great to heal bacteria infections without the use of antibiotics. I am currently using the capsules to aid my dog that has a systemic yeast infection and expect to see the same results as the oil that I use topically.

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Natural Factors Oil of Oregano

Publié par Reviewer2618475 le Jan 24, 2011

I always have at least a bottle of oil of oregano around the house. I take 3 drops/day during winter time to prevent cold and flu and it works wonderfully. My daughters use it for their acne. Other members in my family use the oil for various infections.

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Oil of Oregano antibacterial antiviral

Publié par Reviewer3116271 le Aug 08, 2011

I had very bad bronchitis which had briefly turned into pneumonia. I believe the brevity of the pneumonia was due in part to the addition of oil of oregano to the regimine my doctors prescribed. I have experienced consistently good results in the past with this product in bacterial and viral situations.

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Publié par Reviewer1462801 le Nov 03, 2011

Really works on the cold virus if you take it more than once a day when you feel it coming on.

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Wonderful product

Publié par Reviewer2309387 le Dec 20, 2010

Helped clear up my dog's skin almost immediately

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Definitely worth buying!

Publié par Supplementsdiy le Nov 17, 2013

Oregano oil is well known as a strong antioxidant, anti bacterial, viral, fungus and parasites. Considering how spi cy the oil is, it’s no wonder! Oregano oil is also used for diarrhea, candida, digestive problems, sore throat, sinusitis and more! This product is organic and suitable for vegans. It comes with a 20% concentration (80% olive oil) so it is not too hard for beginners to take. It has minimum 80% Carvacrol so the strength is well guaranteed. At my first try of this product, I find it to be too strong. However, I strongly get used to it and even love it! It works the same way with eating chilli. You have to build the tolerance to it. It works well against sore throat and helps to clear blocked nose. The dropper is not very well made. The rubber top does not hold well to the screw on cap. You can pull the rubber top out along with the dropper from the plastic screw on cap. The price is reasonable. You can save quite a bit of money if you buy non diluted oregano oil. Check out my page for more reviews!

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Publié par Reviewer1261926 le Aug 28, 2012

I use for bleeding gums and cleansing digesting trakt!

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Very good product!

Publié par stefan108 le May 03, 2011

First time has a strong taste and you feel the sensation of warmth. But after few days of using this, I love it. Very good antibacterial action. I use 2 drops on my toothpaste, and after that, another 3 drops for massaging my gums. I recommend it.

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