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No more C

Publié par Reviewer1441515 le Aug 07, 2010

I was diagnosed with Hep C 35 years ago and started Milk Thistle then. The doctor said don't look to these quackery items. I read articles from Europe and other places and it seemed like a great idea, better than the meds. So I started on it and after two years the Hep C was gone. I got Hep C from a blood transfusion after an accident. I am still clear of this disease and am 100 percent behind Milk Thistle.

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Natural Factors Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin

Publié par Reviewer1618678 le Sep 30, 2006

My black lab was suffering w/increased liver enzymes and nothing the Internal Medicine Specialist did seemed to help. Then one day he said we could try Milk Thistle. He told me what % of Silymarin he needed and calculated the dosage for his weight. Shadow has been doing well ever since! You'd think I had a young lab again instead of a 9 year old!

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Helped to decrease elevated liver enzymes

Publié par Reviewer1852611 le Apr 23, 2010

I had elevated liver enzymes and was taking regular milk thistle. Since I have chronic lyme disease, that wasn't doing the trick for me. My doctor had me switch to the extract form. Now my liver enzymes are back in the normal range.

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No visible results...

Publié par Reviewer2239146 le Dec 22, 2010

Apparently a good mixture of herbs, but after the second month of using 3 caps/day, my skin was still full of zits, caused more than probably by an overloaded liver (I have Hep C and my liver enzymes have been acting funny lately). I've started taking a herbal mixture prepared locally and my skin cleared within a week. To me that's proof the Natural Factors didn't do the job for me. Next, I will try the Now Liver detox and regen.

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Prevent and treat Morning Sickness in Pregnancy...

Publié par Reviewer2669743 le Oct 30, 2007

I take a product almost like this, I couldnt find it at Iherb, its Natural factors Milk thistle Phytosome, and it works EXCELLENT. My Psiroasis is starting to dry up. I am taking it in preperation before Trying to Concieve. It(M-thistle) is supposed to prevent morning sickness, and can be taken 1 capsule 3x day during pregnancy too. Bye Bye Morning sickness. Take it with Absorb-aid enzymes, and NOW ENTROX to completley prevent morning sickness.

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Excellent Liver Protection

Publié par Reviewer1414114 le Nov 30, 2009

Milk Thistle is amazing with regard to its beneficial effects for the liver. I can honestly say that anytime I know I plan to drink, I take some Milk Thistle Extract before and after I drink and I never ever get a hangover...even after copious amounts of alcohol. I have even given these capsules to others and they, too, swear by them as excellent hangover preventatives. After reading the medical literature detailing the benefits of Milk Thistle for the liver (against toxic insult) I have proven those benefits subjectively in my own life. Highly recommended for any liver ailment or mere protection against the ravaging effects of too much alcohol.

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Natural Factors - Milk Thistle

Publié par Reviewer2580104 le Dec 25, 2009

With the amount of vitamins we take the nutritionlists said we needed this vitamin to help cleanse the liver to keep it healthy.

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An alternative way dealing with fatty liver.

Publié par Reviewer3357012 le Oct 21, 2010

I have been diagnosed with Non alcoholic fatty liver about a Year ago. I chose to use this product, so far I had no side effects and my digestion has improved dramatically. I am waiting for my next blood test to see actual results.

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Publié par Reviewer3041526 le Feb 07, 2011

works real good for diabetic fatty liver

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Life Saver

Publié par rhinostas le Apr 12, 2007

This product has literally saved the life of my Chihuahua. She had sever liver dysfunction - this combination of Silymarin Dandelion and Tumeric does the trick! Thank you so much. Lola is like a puppy again!

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