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Waste of Money!

Publié par Reviewer2067114 le Mar 17, 2010

I used this product for many months without any beneficial effects on my hair or nails. Switched to Flora brand Vegetal Silica (which contains much more silica than BioSil) and there was a big improvement in my hair and nails. Also, Vegetal Silica is way less expensive than BioSil. Don't waste your time on BioSil.

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Publié par Reviewer1298897 le Jun 12, 2010

I was provided a similar product (RegeneMax) by a doctor to support collagen generation due to my injury (a fractured bone). I ran out of it and searched for the same ingredients (Biosil is identical according to the label). I was amazed that while the purpose of the formula was for support of my bones and joint tissue, my skin reflected less lines and more youthfulness after just one month (I am 56), an unexpected bonus! I higly recommend it for all the benefits it provides.

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Miracle product

Publié par Reviewer1172951 le Nov 13, 2008

I started taking these several months ago hopeful but not really anticipating a major difference. Boy was I wrong. I have noticed not only a much cleare complexion, but my gums and nails are much healthier. My hair which was thinning is now fuller. I am quite pleased.

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helps my hands

Publié par Reviewer1705781 le Oct 14, 2009

I tried this last year but felt nothing, so I stopped for several months. But this year it's different! My hands were dry and itchy from household chores. I decided to try this product again after reading The Science of Beauty (free from iherb, Thanks!). By today, still taking my 1st bottle, I can see and feel that my hands are not as dry and it's no longer itchy. I can also see a general improvement on my face, it appears smoother, which is a bonus!This product also helps my joints and I have less "cracking bone" sound. lol I'll definitely continue taking this.

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Natrol, BioSil Veggie Caps

Publié par Reviewer1006053 le Sep 20, 2008

I read about this product in a nursing journal. Since I have always had very weak nails and my hair was thinning with age, I decided to try it. Into my first bottle I realized that it was making a real difference. For the first time since I can remember, my nails are not flimsy, but are growing long and strong. My hairdresser noted that my hair is thicker. I'm really amazed at the results.

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Excellent for overall tissue health!

Publié par Reviewer2626270 le Jun 05, 2008

I started using this under the Jarrow label while recovering from a broken leg. I would not go without it now. I believe it to be beneficial to overall tissue health. I am a 55-year-old male and I think that this product is helping me to feel and look younger.

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Publié par Reviewer1776886 le Aug 04, 2009

I use BioSil along with Calcium for my bones. That combination was recommended to me by a naturopath doctor. I have taken BioSil for less than six months, so it is still a bit too soon for bone improvement to show. But I have noticed that my fingernails are a lot stronger and my hair is much more healthy since using BioSil. I also have no side effects from taking this supplement.

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Natural Factors, BioSil really works and fast! Not a Gimmick.

Publié par Reviewer1454935 le Aug 24, 2011

I have hair down to my waist, when washed, I'd loose a tremendous amount; the same is true when I brushed my hair. I took this for two weeks and noticed a remarkable difference. Significant less hair loss in the shower, my hair-brush doesn't require as much cleaning, and my nails are visually healthier. For years my nails appeared overworked because of the environment now I just may have the best nails I've had in my lifetime, not since I was a child. I recommend this product to anyone because it is amazing. Oh, no upset stomach with or without food either. I am sold!

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Better firmer skin!

Publié par Reviewer2932864 le Jun 21, 2010

Took Biosil for about 6 months, along with some collagen tablets and at 41, I have few wrinkles and have firm skin. When I ran out of Biosil (it is not obtainable here in Malaysia, I had to have it shipped in) I figured maybe I could just make do with the collagen tablets since my skin in doing great and it is such a hassle to have it shipped in. After going without Biosil for less than 2 weeks, my facial skin especially started lto lose its elasticity, and my face lost its nice plumpish look! It was Biosil that was helping my skin tremendously, not the collagen tablets! Am back on Biosil, pronto!

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Very good

Publié par Reviewer2934429 le Oct 09, 2009

I've been using BioSil for 3-4 months now and can see improvements in my skin,wouldn't say anything about my nails/hair as I have thick hair and strong nails.After smoking for 15 years(I'm 32) and having sleepless nights with 2 kids I noticed fine lines and my skin looked dull.This stuff works.But you have to be very patient as it takes about 2 months before it shows improvements.Thank you,IHerbs!I live in UK(London) and you've been amizing with your service and super fast shippment.Highly recommended!!!!!:-)

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