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Too potent for label

Publié par Reviewer3017211 le May 26, 2010

When another company quit selling their 600 mg product I tried their 2000 mg but they were too strong and made me terrbily sick with classic OD symptoms. I tried this product and at 500 mg one made me so sick (much sicker for longer than the 2000 mg) for nearly 12 hours if I hadn't recognized the symptoms from literature I would've gone to the ER. Be cautious about this.

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Extremely effective but with extremely mixed results

Publié par Reviewer2530419 le Feb 19, 2012

First off, never take more than one in one go. Second, yes, it helped with my desire but not necessarily physical performance. Very importantly, it kicks in about 3 hours later and do not take it along with stimulants, eg. coffee, tyrosine, etc...because it can cause serious rapid heart beat to the point of real danger, especially if you already have hypertension. God bless.

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Amazing stuff, but be CAREFUL...

Publié par Reviewer1099576 le May 03, 2013

Began taking this for ED. I have read elsewhere that Natrol has reformulated this at some point in the last two or three years, and the reformulation made it much more powerful. I took 1 capsule and after about an hour it was very obviously working for me. In fact, it made a huge difference, if you catch my drift... However, the after-affects were significant. Very quickly I broke out into cold sweats. I was shivering and yet sweating quite a bit with a pounding irregular heartbeat. I also was not able to sleep that night at all. I am told that taken daily these side affects become less, but it's hard to imagine taking this daily. Next time I only took half a capsule. Still did the job for me, but side affects were still too severe and I was still up all night. I now divide each capsule into 5 even doses. It still works for me at that dose, although not as well, but still well enough. And the side affects are tolerated. One bottle will last me awhile. The benefit is worth the unpleasant after-affects.

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nauseous feeling

Publié par Reviewer1244850 le May 26, 2010

natrol yohime bark makes me feel bad and nauseous.

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Bought it for weight training regimen - but it had other beneficial effects

Publié par Reviewer1316272 le May 27, 2008

I always liked the pump I got when working out with Yohimbe - after all, it is an effective vasodilator. I stopped taking it for about ten years through most of my thirties, then decided to start up again when I went back to heavy weight training. I started noticing high school type erections at night. It has really helped in the bedroom. Moreover, when I checked out other herbal ED remedies, I noticed most have Yohimbe in them - for 10 times the price. You can't beat the price on this product, or its benefits.

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Publié par Reviewer2849787 le Jan 02, 2010

This product turned out to be of very high quality. Compared to the same substance that I've gotten in the past, this was of superior quality and it's effects were much longer lasting than I'd expected. It's stimulating properties may find you lying in bed wondering why you can't get to sleep.... use with appropriate timing.

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Solid product.

Publié par Reviewer1264657 le Mar 18, 2010

One capsule in the afternoon is enough to give me a helpful boost.

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Yohimbe Bark 500 mg / Works a clen-catalyst fat burning

Publié par 4833058230878578175 le Jun 21, 2015

Was not aware that yohimbe was used to solve ED and to help with erections etc. Do not have problems with erections since I stopped watching porn and fapping. See The Great Porn Experiment Gary Wilson, TEDs Glasgow. Using yohimbe erections are indeed stronger, the morning wood is very solid due to yohimbe. Do use yohimbe as catalyst for fat burning with clen, which works very well.

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Weight loss

Publié par Reviewer3030106 le Nov 25, 2007

They seem to be working just need something else to push it up a little more.

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Extra Kick

Publié par Reviewer3050708 le Nov 12, 2008

Great daily maintenance for all men and you will see an added boost in the bedroom

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