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  • Madre Labs sources its fish oil from Chile; the Softgels are made in the U.S. Check out a recent

    Certificate of Analysis

    Certificate of Analysis.

    Please note this item has been replaced by MLI-00952.

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    Great product

    Publié par 4660393475657843164 le May 15, 2013

    Great product and good special price. The softgels are big, but easy to swallow. No fishy burps or taste.

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    No after taste, high quality

    Publié par Reviewer3290804 le Feb 24, 2012

    Mercury free and no after taste that some fish oil soft gels have. The usual 1000mg, not the half strength stuff. 2 per day, and our blood and cardio test have come back good. We take one before bed with time release niacin, as per doctor's orders.

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    a good product

    Publié par Mavsik le Jun 24, 2012

    Fish oil improves hair and nails, and normalizes the function of the endocrine glands (adrenal, thyroid), cardiovascular system, and prevents the development of rheumatoid arthritis, reduces the likelihood of thrombus formation, is necessary for pregnant and lactating women for the normal development of the child. List of the utility of Omega-3 is huge for people of all generations.

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    Publié par Reviewer1608377 le Apr 28, 2012

    FINALLY!!! One that doesn't upset my tummy and make me taste it all day!!! YAY!! AND EXCELLENT PRICE!!!

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    Good product

    Publié par ugilee le May 05, 2013

    Good product for a good price

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    Publié par peakhealth le Jul 08, 2012

    Didnt like the fact that it solidified slightly (white stuff in capsule) when i refrigerated it. Read that this is an indication of saturated fats. I am want pure omega 3 which does not solidify when refrigerated, so will not repeat purchase. :(

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    Very good!

    Publié par 5583530330990386932 le May 05, 2013

    Good and fairly cheap fish oil!

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    Very low cost for such quality.

    Publié par Asfodeil le Apr 19, 2013

    I don't know how it is in other countries but in Russian Federation Omega-3 is expensive (if you buy a good quality product). The amount per serving is effective. I've ordered it to improve my hair and skin health, but it also have other effects such as cardiovascular support, fat burn and others without any harm. I've been taking it for 3 months and I see how my hair and skin have changed. My hair become more shine and lustrous. From the combined skin to normal and no more period pains and spots.

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    Publié par Reviewer2963354 le Oct 22, 2013

    This product does not have a good enough quality. The taste tells it's more rancid than what is good, and it goes agains the point of intaking this oil when it looses its benefits when rancid over a certaid level. Insted of this, get annother - possibly safer whith a higher grade, like pharmaceutical.

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    Price is right not sure about the pharmaceutical quality

    Publié par Osanderos le Sep 21, 2012

    When tasting the oil insiden the softgel you can tell that this doesn't taste good. When comparing to Nature's Answer liquid omega 3, this product is not so premium. Price is low and that's fantastic, but taste and perhaps even quality isn't very high. Next time I'll probably buy Nature's Answer liquid omega 3, because price and quality relation is very good. But if you are poor and you really need a decent fish oil, maybe Madre Labs Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil is a product for you.

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