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Publié par Reviewer2551357 le Nov 30, 2009

This stuff has changed my life-- I feel better, I have more stamina, I sleep better, I am even more regular. I've never gotten these kinds of results from any other supplament. Bravo.

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narrowed carotid artery/ premature ventricular contractions (PVC's)

Publié par Reviewer1038531 le May 29, 2010

when I first heard that I had a narrowed artery I immediently went on line and ordered this product. I started taking them as soon as I recieved them. I must admit I was frightened about the prospects of surgery. I took more than the recomended amount as I had only three weeks before a MRI. Although I had a appoint with a vascular surgeon I was told that surgery wasn't needed.I still use this product and will for a maintinance program. I want to ad that I no longer have PVC's ! M.Phillips

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I trust MRM

Publié par Reviewer3320645 le Mar 01, 2011

I'm glad to get this MRM Cardio Chelate. I think my heart feels better after taking one bottle. I called the company and they explained to me that it helps the entire cardiovascular system, not just the heart. They stressed the importance of taking it on an empty stomach.

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Cardio Vascular

Publié par Reviewer2475795 le Jul 11, 2010

I think this stuff acts like draino and unblocks your blood vessels. I have definitely seen a positive effect on my stamina and general speed of recovery from exurtion. It would be great to hear more about what clinical tests have shown.

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Publié par Reviewer2245118 le Aug 15, 2010

I have tried another EDTA brand but I chose this one this time because it has other things in it. I am impressed by the fact that within a day of taking it my body noticeably started to cleanse itself. This is the one I will buy in future.

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Cardio Chelate

Publié par Reviewer2534564 le Apr 21, 2008

I have been on Cardio Chelate for years now. I have a heart condition and had a double heart cath two years ago. My doctors were amazed to find I had no arterial buildup whatsoever. I am sure it is the supplements I take, among them Cardio Chelate.

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Publié par Reviewer3268393 le Dec 12, 2008

with-in a month i could feel the difference,i have PAD,and the CARDIO really helped me to be able to start walking again, i'm on my second bottle, and it just gets better, i was able to cancel my doctor's appointment which would of cost me alot of money,i hope he doesn"t get mad loosing out on all that money thank you CARDIO, BEVERLY M.

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Makes a diff!

Publié par Reviewer1932895 le Feb 11, 2010

Been using this product for over two years, really inproves blood flow, and my bad Choestrol has stayed in the safe range.Highly recommend.

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Publié par Reviewer3291625 le Mar 31, 2011

Due to a mistake I made (I took too much chromium - 5/500mcg's Brkfst and Supper - for probably at least ten years) I developed heart problems when my alternative MD had me kick down the chromium to the right levels. I was fortunate to be sent to MRM EDTA (instead of an emergency room) and read what the MD from Australia said - and yes it does work. Yes I went high on amount but for brief period of time to get out of danger but am doing much better with this and the krill oil will be back to normal soon. Have kicked up exercise, water, using Slim Tea (sold at I Herb), EDTA and krill oil and today my blood pressure readings were normal until I forgot to take the afternoon krill oil and then they were higher but just border line high. But I am close to normal thank God and for you I Herb and all the fine supplements you sell!(Make sure and take on empty stomach and keep all minerals away from the EDTA including potassium, etc.)

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None better

Publié par Reviewer1865575 le Aug 28, 2011

I have done three rounds of oral EDTA in the past. It works! MRM's brand is the most for the money especially here at iherb, and it's in a fine formulation. This is the one you want!

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