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Outstanding post-workout BCCA and L-Glutamine product!

Publié par GreenWarrior le Oct 17, 2013

Hi there. In my book this is the best BCAA and L-glutamine product on the market; MRM is a terrific high quality producer. Only drawback, it does not mix greatly in a recovery shake (which by the way, with the right proportion of easily digestible carbs and protein has to be taken within a 30 minutes window time frame following the workout). I thus opt to take it separately. Feel free to click on my user name for more reviews! Health and Peace!

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Quicker recovery, love the taste

Publié par berriebo le Jul 17, 2013

Check out my pages for more of my recent reviews! Been taking this for a little over 3 weeks, the ROI proves that this is the best BCAA for your money and gains. Recovery has been easier and quicker taking this stuff than nothing. Gives ya a competitive advantage to start building gains by a faster pace. Plus, this tastes awesome! highly recommended

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Good for those on a budget.

Publié par Reviewer2441560 le Jun 11, 2010

I've been using this product for a few weeks now and have noticed a nice decrease in my recovery time so I will continue to use it. I would not suggest trying to mix it, I just put some in my mouth and chase it with Gatorade (water does not do a good enough job covering up the bitter flavor)So while I have heard other products taste a lot better they are also a lot more expensive. This product suits my physical and financial needs.

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Great Protein Synthesis Tool

Publié par Reviewer1775717 le Apr 03, 2009

I am currently cutting for a bodybuilding competition and have been using this product for four weeks. It does a great job for recovery. Prior to using, I was hitting each body part once every five days. With MRM, BCAA I am able to hit each body part hard every three days - and I am 52 years old! I feel like I am in my mid-twenties again!!! Great Product!

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Good Stuff

Publié par Reviewer2843329 le Apr 27, 2009

Hard to mix with water but works well in a short time...actually the challenge of mixing is half the fun!!!!

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Very hard to mix with any liquid

Publié par Reviewer1768010 le Dec 13, 2009

This product is very hard to mix with any liquid. I using it shaking in a blender with another suplements. Nevertheless it´s a good product. Since I began to use it I noted the catabolism reduced, my muscles are hardness and a I´m having a fast recovery from the exercises. I´m using it with the Irontek Glutamine.

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Publié par 4684023381300723317 le Oct 07, 2013

Never had much luck with BCAAs, but I decided to give this BCAA+G a try. Definitely notice a quicker recovery. Flavor is ok.. I mix it with a little bit of Crystal Lite to mask any bitter taste.

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Great combo

Publié par Reviewer2099186 le May 21, 2010

Great tasting and great combination, BCAA & Glutamine. I just take the powder and drink water behind it.

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bcaa + g = melhor aminoacido

Publié par Reviewer3009948 le Aug 16, 2012

melhor combinação básica para amino. BCAA - antes/durante/depois do treino} glutamina, se faltar, vai perder musculo!

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mixes well

Publié par Reviewer1745533 le Sep 27, 2011

the nasty taste of bcaa is well covered up, and it mixes well. just let it sit for a few minutes and shake well.

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