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great product!

Publié par Reviewer3169971 le Apr 09, 2008

This product healed my damaged stomach lining (gastritis)almost immediately--when nothing else worked. An enhanced sense of general well-being and vitality are also benefits. Mostly likely this is because aloe vera is packed with nutrients and beneficial digestive enzymes. A great daily tonic for anyone, but especially those with digestive issues.

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Outstanding Stomach Ailment Remedy

Publié par Reviewer1890825 le Apr 14, 2007

This product has done more for my stomach reflux and acid problem than Pepsid, Zantac, or Nexium. Without this Herbal formula I would need to work further with a medical doctor to determine an alternative to hold my chronic stomach issues in abeyance. Please continue to sell this product.

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Miraculous stuff, possibly in combination with......

Publié par Reviewer1172795 le Nov 02, 2009

If you suffer from acid reflux, seasonal allergies, a stomach ulcer and are sensitive to odors and motion to the point of dizzyness like I have been for all to many years please do yourself a favor and read on. I use a combination of this product with Kyodophilus, acid ease and DGL licorice. No more nexium and nasalcort. I attributed the dizzyness to candida I took these products in an effort to combat all of the above symptoms and must now say WOW. I first started using them all about a year ago and wanted to wait before posting a review. Acid reflux does terrible damage to the gastro intestinal tract and imbalances in stomach flora are responsible for so many ailments its incredible. Mention such products to a doctor and they respectfully look at you like your nuts. I may be overdoing it but........its working for now. Be well.

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Lily of the Desert Herbal Stomach Formula

Publié par Reviewer2733730 le Mar 13, 2009

A few years ago I was diagnosed with the beginnings of an ulcer by the doctor after a colonoscopy. My stomach hurt at times, especially after eating certain foods. I immediately began using the Lily of the Desert Herbal Stomach Formula and have been symptom free ever since. I recommend this formula for anyone who has stomach ulcers and who does not want to use pharmaceutical drugs to treat it.

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Instant relief

Publié par Reviewer2985632 le Mar 15, 2012

I've just bought another bottle. The gel doesn't taste too good, but it really helps and that's what's important to me! Helps relief nausea and stomach pain instantly! Thank you, iHerb! ;)

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Ahh.....Stomach Relief!

Publié par Reviewer1896379 le Jun 04, 2008

Ever since menopause (I'm 55 years of age) weird things seem to happen to my body....The latest being stomach upset and being BLOATED. I also think I may have intestinal uclers because salads always seem to bother me, and they always have....Maybe it's a little IBS. I've done gallbladder cleanses, so I know my gallbladder if fine. So-o-o I thought I'd try this product. Wow!!! Now I can eat salads without any trouble and things are starting to settle down. I'm going to keep using this and see if I get total relief...I definitely feel better, and if I miss a day of using this I notice a big difference. Great price and I love IHerb! :>)

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Love it!

Publié par Reviewer3094681 le Feb 25, 2008

I don't even think about taking my stomach meds for reflux, before meals, anymore since using this product. As long as I take it at least once a day, I'm good. Helps with elimination too, if your prone to constipation.

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Love it

Publié par Reviewer1198980 le Jan 06, 2008

I love this product! Help put all my IBS symptoms at ease! I have IBS with constipation and this along with carlson's cod liver oil has helped me tremendously! I just ordered 2 more bottles!

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Publié par Reviewer1829111 le Dec 08, 2009

i recently went on vacation and did not leave home without this. it is fabulous! it is great for upset stomach, burning stomach, indigestion, constipation -- just great for the digestive system. i highly recommend it. i usually do not drink it straight; add a little bit of water and it should work great! nice taste, too. much better taste than regular aloe vera gel drinks. definitely recommend!

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Great price for a wonderful product!

Publié par Reviewer1508918 le Feb 03, 2010

I have been using this product daily for a couple of months now and it has helped my stomach feel wonderful. iHerb has the best price that I have found on the internet and local stores.

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