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What a shame...

Publié par Reviewer2428745 le Oct 26, 2010

Would be such a good product if it wouldn't contain SUGAR!

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Sweet treat!

Publié par Reviewer2441983 le Nov 02, 2010

Very tasty, with cookie dough texture. It is good if you have craving for something sweet but maybe a little too sweet for some people. I prefer my chocolate to be a little bit more bitter. Definately tastes like cokkie dough though!

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Put them in the fridge!

Publié par 5134444450372759470 le Aug 30, 2013

I enjoyed these the most when they are cold. They are not exactly what I call healthy food, but I find them a good alternative to chocolate bars. My husband also takes them to work for a quick snack and calorie boost. I will definitely buy these again in the future- good value and good taste.

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5 stars

Publié par australia le May 02, 2013

Yummy bars that act as a filling snack.

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Amazing texture

Publié par lucygoosyxo le Apr 04, 2012

These are great, probably a close second favourite to the Peanut butter cookie flavour. I love the texture of the choc chips in these after they've been in the fridge a couple of hours. Really tastes like cookie dough!!

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SOOOOOOOOOOOO goooooooooooooood

Publié par Reviewer2774490 le Apr 26, 2012

Just tried my first one. and OMG.... It tasted EXACTLY like cookie dough! I'm surprised people said it didn't! Best Larabar I've tried so far! It is pretty sweet... but a nice alternative when you are craving chocolate or sweets. I will keep ordering this one!

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Tastes well to me.

Publié par InozarDeBenz le Jul 10, 2013

I like this. I have tried almost all Larabar energy bars. I have lots of allergies and food intolerances, and strangely enough I tolerate most Larabar energy bars. My food intolerance has decreased my appetite (due to stomach complaints or a narrow diet), and I love the way to get some easy calories, and still avoid what is bad to me (majorly dairies, gluten, soy, egg whites etc.) This one taste ok/good, but not as good as some of the other Larabar products that I have tried, so I don't give it top rating. Four stars.

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these are ok

Publié par 4711491453576432946 le Apr 11, 2014

I've tried the peanut butter larabars and loved those but these were not as great as I was hoping. Still nice just not really cookie dough tasting to me.

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Too sweet

Publié par Reviewer3241272 le Nov 02, 2010

I love Larabars and I love chocolate, but this is just too sweet for me. It is sickly sweet. I rated it two stars instead of one though, as some people might like the sweet taste and the box is excellent value for money.

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Publié par Reviewer1931308 le Nov 15, 2011

do not taste like cookie dough at all...

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