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Good enough product

Publié par Read-Me-Now-Be-Happy le Jan 16, 2014

This product is best for when you are in a hurry and certain you aren't getting enough fiber or when you're constipated otherwise it's best to use a powdered fiber to mix in your drinks or food in my opinion. It does work pretty well though the fiber content level isn't very high, just several percent of your RDI per serving and take note that it contains Seana leaves which are a natural laxative, often sold as slimming or laxative is it the fiber that works or the laxative? It would be nice if there were more fiber in it. I'd still recommend this product if this is what you're looking for.

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Perfect for my needs

Publié par Reviewer3256329 le Jun 07, 2013

I have been using this product for three years. It works perfect for me. I take between 3-5 pills every evening before bed time. Thanks i herb for great service and items that really make a difference.

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Good for regularity and bulk!

Publié par Reviewer2236265 le Sep 25, 2011

Good stuff. I'm of small frame and only take 3/day in the morning and it does the trick. Fiber is so important!

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My favorite fiber

Publié par Reviewer3008343 le Jul 29, 2011

I have tried other fiber pills but my body likes this one the most.

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Jarrow Fiber Perfect

Publié par Reviewer1895863 le Feb 28, 2009

This product is the best I have ever used. Bloat is less also.

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A second reporting on results of client who started using Fiber Perfect

Publié par Reviewer3204660 le Apr 12, 2015

Please be advised this review includes 'details' of elimination and some readers may not be comfortable reading on. I took care of an elderly woman with comorbid conditions. She was morbidly obese, and had a great appetite, so the resulting elimination was way out-of-whack. Her stool, when she did have a movement (every other day or so) consisted of chickpea-sized BM's, and not very many of them (5-10). After much coaxing, and checking with her doctor first, she agreed to try Fiber Perfect. Her hesitation regarding taking it was a concern when/if the product worked, she would have "an explosion" and not make it to the bathroom in time. Well, it took over a week for the product to work, and there was NO "explosion." Frankly, I've been a caregiver for many years and have NEVER seen such a huge BM in my life. She eliminated without strain, without "explosion," and when done she reported she had not felt so good in years! From that day on, she had daily, effortless elimination (still HUGE), her stomach was no longer distended and hard, and she was SO pleased. She told me she had not had a bowel movement like that in over 15 or 20 years! Can you imagine?!! I take Fiber Perfect and will continue to do so. I recommend it to others, if the subject comes up. Wonderful product, IMO!

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Jarrow Fiber Perfect

Publié par Reviewer3157903 le Mar 23, 2007

Best fiber product I've used. Ingredients provide both soluble & non-soluble varieties. No bloating. Love it!

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Just Plain Great

Publié par Reviewer2540126 le Oct 27, 2007

When you look at the label, this product actually contains very little dietary fiber but all the other digestive goodies that it has negates any concern one might have for what may look like missing fiber. I've been using this product for over 6 years. It is economical and produces excellent results.

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Good product

Publié par FEED-ME-MORE le Apr 18, 2012

My father is very sick person, his stomach is very sensitive but he has no side reactions from this product and I hope he is cleansing his organism.

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Great Product

Publié par Reviewer1595435 le Apr 04, 2008

This is the best fiber product I've ever taken. I went from having maybe 2 bowel movements a week to 2 a day. My 'pipes' really feel clean and there's no pain, bloating, discomfort or surprises from taking it.

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