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Jarrow Formula, Alpha Lipoic Sustain 300 with Biotin

Publié par Reviewer1206822 le Feb 25, 2009

I have been taking these tablets for over a year now. I read somewhere that ALA was good for neuropathy along with Methyl B-12 which I also take. The ALA always lowers my blood sugar and balances it out because of the timed released tablets. But the big bonus is how my skin began to look and how my hair, that was thining, began to grow. I haven't had a pony tail since my teenage years but now I have a real one.

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Wonderful product!

Publié par Reviewer1687364 le May 04, 2009

I bought these after reading several reviews of how they helped people with diabetic neuropathy. I had it really bad in my feet and was having trouble sleeping so I said I would try anything to see if it would help, I was desperate. I tried these pills and they started to work almost immediately! I can finally get some sleep without the foot pain! THANK YOU JARROW FOR A WONDERFUL PRODUCT AND A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP!

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Publié par Reviewer1955297 le Oct 30, 2007

When this and the L-carnitine above are combined they do a great job of enhancing brain function.

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excellent product

Publié par Reviewer2153699 le Apr 08, 2008

I use Jarow Alpha Lipoic Sustain 300 for keeping the circulation in my legs flowing and my ankles from swelling. I have vericois veins and this helps my problem. This formula has no taste and is time released and in the amount I need, plus it was recommended by my doctor. CAT

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Good product

Publié par Reviewer1622892 le Aug 12, 2009

Mom's kidney function was quickly declining due to systemic Lupus and the steroids she has taken for years. When she added this ALA to her protocol (one in AM and one in PM) her kidney function ceased declining. It has been over a year, and the kidney function remains at 37% We believe the lipoic acid protects the cells from further damage by the disease and the steroids. Dad was diabetic, and ALA kept his blood sugar down enough that he was able to discontinue his insulin injections.

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The Best!!!

Publié par Reviewer1024142 le Nov 30, 2007

It is awesome to get ALA w/ biotin ini t. My hair and nails grow superfast when I take this.

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Good riddance neuropathy!!

Publié par Reviewer2265740 le Aug 29, 2009

I got ALA Sustain 300 on the advice of my brother for tingling in feet due to Type 2 diabetes. It worked immediately! I then offered some to my daughter who has Type 1 and is in a lot of discomfort with her feet, ankles and hands. It worked immediately on her as well. I will be ordering more bottles soon. Thank you for a product that actually helps and doesn't have a side effect.

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Alpha Lipoic Sustain

Publié par Reviewer2462966 le Jul 01, 2012

My husband has taken Alpha Lipoic Sustain for several years after reading about it in Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes book. It helps to lower his blood sugars when used along with Evening Primrose Oil. These two products help his own insulin work more effectively. He is a type two diabetic, and also takes metformin. One time I decided to stop Alpha Lipoic Sustain and Primrose Oil for a six-month period of time to see if metformin alone would be enough. His blood sugars went up and his A1C also. I put him back on the two products, and blood sugars came down. Will use these two products from now on with these excellent results!

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The Best!

Publié par Reviewer1149647 le Dec 29, 2007

Absolutely the best for symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. I take 1200 mgs./day and the timed release seems to be most effective.

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Diabetic Pain Much Relieved

Publié par Reviewer1716231 le Jan 14, 2008

This Jarrow time release ALA formula is making a dramatic improvement in the diabetic nerve pain and burning in my feet. The time release feature keeps the relief going for hours. I love this stuff.

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