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Livercare helped with my TMAU Condition!!!

Publié par Reviewer2443573 le févr. 16, 2013

I have TMAU, which is a condition that gives off horrible odours from all parts of my body because of choline. My liver is missing an enzyme to prevent this. I have to be on a low choline diet. After taking Livercare, The odours stopped completely! It really does regenerate liver cell enzymes. My theory is it regenerates the missing enzyme needed to break down choline or something like that. Long story short, I don't smell anymore. I almost contemplated suicide because of the looks people would give me, and being ridiculed and laughed at. No more!

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Liver Care, North America version of Liv52

Publié par 4790179939951463264 le sept. 13, 2013

I used this product for more of 20 years. It is the the best product for treating hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. It is a shame that it is not known by most specialists and patients. Ovidiu Aldea.

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I keep this product on hand when drinking any alcoholic beverage!

Publié par Reviewer2202067 le nov. 04, 2008

I used to be very sensitive to alcohol and would get really flushed in the face and felt uncomfortably warm any time I drank - even red wine. Now I take two of the Himalaya USA Liver Care (and two pills of the Planetary Herbals: Liver Defense) - and gone are all those symptoms! At big family food events, I also take this combination (with the Now brand Optimal Digestion capsules) and it keeps me from feeling digestively uncomfortable. Hope this info helps!

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Publié par Reviewer2316530 le juin 20, 2008

This product is superb!! It really cleans you out! Literally! The first week I was on it I was having 3-4 poops a day. My skin looks great and feels so smooth!

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Lower AST and ALT levels.

Publié par Reviewer2231654 le déc. 30, 2007

This is one of two key supplements I take for liver protection. If you have HCV, this is a must along with silibyn phytosome. Using Liver Care daily for 5 years. Within the first 90 days of stopping my second round of interferon and ribavirin, Liver Care combined with silibyn phytosome drove my levels back into normal range.

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great stuff

Publié par Reviewer2740123 le mai 12, 2009

the liver is the engine room of your body nothing works if it doesn't this stuff keeps it running on all 8 cylinders

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a great liver cleanser

Publié par 4948822642136760033 le nov. 10, 2013

I've taken this product for a few years now (doctor recommended to use it in the spring only) and liver tests got better.

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seems to work

Publié par Reviewer3213560 le mars 06, 2011

I'm using this for my disabled son so we're still watching the results, however, his reflux cleared up straight away and bowel movements improved within a few weeks.Sleep has improved also. Theres oodles of very interesting research papers on their website. Beware it may enhance absorbtion of any other supplements you take, in our case thyroid meds(or vitamins etc) so stay on the ball.

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Liver Care

Publié par Reviewer2406123 le mai 20, 2010

My husband and I have been taking this product for 3 months. My husband had terrible gas problems which has cleared up on this product. We both notice our metabolism has speeded up and we have both lost weight. We are in our middle 50's so our digestion needed some help and this has really helped. Tried a lot of other products but this one has really worked.

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Love and can't live without this!

Publié par Reviewer2926352 le nov. 08, 2012

I have been taking Milk thistle for years and getting some good results. Since taking Milk thistle I break out less and whenever I run out I always feel fatigued like I'm having heavy burden on my back and can't get up from my bed in the morning. I'm sure I have weak liver, and I happened to find this product and ordered hoping this will help my skin become more clear. Within a few weeks I saw results. My skin looks clear and fresh. It seems like my skin is glowing from inside. I also feel more healthier. I will keep taking Milk thistle too, but also Liver care. Both are very good supplements for your liver.

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